Stick To Your Message With Bumper Stickers & Labels 

Stickers & Labels

 Labels and stickers are great versatile and cost-effective marketing materials.  They can be used on your retail packaging and mailed packages, as well as a variety of products your business may carry.  They’re also great promotional materials which foster memorable branding that caters to your specific clientele. 

Here’s Guru Printers guide on the best use for your stickers and labels. 

Bumper Stickers for Promotion

Stickers can be greatly utilized as promotional and advertising material. A common example would be the popular bumper stickers that can stick to various surfaces.  Easy to disburse to your customers and very cost effective as advertising material which can literally carry your message across borders when stuck to a moving vehicle.   

Stickers & Labels For Retail Packaging

Packaging labels can really elevate a brand and easily stick to the surface of your product boxes, bottles, cans, or other containers.  Your logo and company name as well as the details of your product information can be printed on custom labels or stickers.

Guru Printers also offer a wide selection of waterproof or durable stickers materials to fit your specific retail packaging needs.

Labels For Mail Out Packaging

If you’re an online business or subscription platform that sends out packages, then the right packaging labels are crucial to your branding.  Making an impression on your customers by sticking your unique label on all your outgoing packages is in line with proper branding. You can also print labels for various seasonal or promotional campaigns to be placed inside or stuck to your envelopes or boxes when mailing out.