Guru Printers Tips For Making Stickers and Labels

Sticker Printing Los Angeles

Before you order Stickers and Labels here are some of friendly design tips and factor for you to consider.

Pick A High Resolution Image

Make sure that your source files are 300 DPI or better to ensure that your stickers or labels can be easily read up close. Starting with a high resolution image file will make your final sticker or label legible and clear.

Cut-to-Size or Roll?

When you want to print a lower quantity or larger sticker/label prints then cut-to-size stickers and labels are your best budget friendly and versatile option. But please keep in mind that cut-to-size stickers can be a bit harder to remove from their backing making them slightly more tedious to dispense if a large quantity is needed for a production line scenario.  If you are going to be using the stickers and labels in a production line, then roll stickers and labels will be a better choice. Roll stickers are much easier to peel off the backing.

Keep In Mind Where Sticker and Labels Will Be Stuck To.

The shape and type of surface you will be sticking your stickers and labels on is another important factor to consider. For example a clear sticker or label may be better for a bottle of liquid or a candle holder depending on the color, design and contents of the container.  If you want to highlight the design or contents of your container then a clear label or sticker might be better suited for you.

Choose a Finish and Material Suited For Your Product.

Deciding on a the right finish and material for your sticker is just as important as the design. A traditional 70lb gloss sticker or label works great as a promotional tool but the material may not work well on a jar of jam or a wine bottle, in which case a textured or matte paper would be best. Guru printers also offers BOPP water-resistant stickers and labels for surfaces that will acquire condensation or get moist like beer bottles and containers stored in a fridge.

Decide On A Shape

The shape of your sticker or label depends on your needs. At Guru Printers we offer die cut stickers which means you can have your stickers cut by us in nearly any regular or irregular shape.  Rectangular or square-shaped design are the most popular and traditional stickers.  We can add rounded corners if you are concerned about fraying or just want something that is more nontraditional.

Though circle and oval shapes might offer you less space in which to print your sticker or label design, they are quite unique in shape and best suited for a more nontraditional look.  Again, we offer die cut stickers in any shape outside of square, rectangular, circle and oval parameters so feel free to choose a shape best suited for your design, product, and brand.

 Go With Proofing

You want to prevent your images not matching in color after print, going over borders, or having your text being trimmed off during the cutting.  At Guru Printers we offer a manual proofing option on all our products at an affordable cost to ensure fewer errors.


Please review our tips listed above before submitting a design for printing. Stickers, labels & bumper sticker printing are great marketing tools for your promotions and branding. Taking into consideration design, shape, material and purpose factors for your stickers and labels will ensure you make a lasting impression on your customers.