Highly Mobile Advertising

Advertising opportunities present themselves in numerous scenarios and occasions. Not all of these opportunities, however, allow for permanent or even semi-permanent advertising structures and mechanisms and highly mobile advertising mechanisms are required. Events such as conferences, once off or annual sponsorship events or activation events require advertising mechanisms that can be easily installed on the day and quickly packed after the event has finished. An ideal, cost effective, yet eye catching mechanism is the use of feathered flags.

Quality Feather Flag Printing

Feathered flags are sheets of fabric attached to a pole that can be stabilized in any location, indoors or outdoors. The fabric is detailed with images and logos reflecting a company or corporate name or product image and logo. The fabric is sturdy and flat meaning that the information on the feathered flag is highly visible and easily readable whether the flag is placed indoors or outdoors. Feathered flags are termed as they are because of their resemblance and structure being similar to that of a bird feather.
Feathered flags have applicability in many situations. They are most often seen at sporting events and product launches or activation occasions. Sporting events require mobile advertising particularly events such as marathons and other infrequent sports or outside sporting stadiums where advertising needs to be temporarily installed for the day, weekend or duration of the event. With the high mobility of feathered flags, they can be installed almost anywhere along a route or at an allocated position outside a stadium. Golf days are another sporting event where feathered flags are particularly useful. Hole sponsorship can be identified using custom premium feathered flags.

Great for events!

Conferences, speaking events or company annual general meetings or investor presentations are non-sporting events where feathered flags are useful for temporary yet mobile advertising. Hotels or conference venues don’t allow for permanent displays and mobile advertising mechanisms are a must. Feathered flags placed outside the doors of a conference room or in the communal lunch or dinner area mean that your company or product is easily viewable by attendees. With their mobility, the advertising flags can easily be moved from one location to another throughout the day as attendees move from one location to the next.

Great Temporary Advertising

Feathered flags are the ideal temporary and mobile advertising structure. The fabric used is durable and can be used indoors or outdoors. The stiffness of the fabric and the structure of the flag pole mean that wind is required to spread the flag out and ensure visibility. Feathered flags are also packed away easily into small packages as the pole can be disassembled into smaller lengths and the flag fabric wrapped into a small role. This means feathered flags can be kept in the office cupboards, packed in the trunk of a car and assembled in five minutes at the next event. They are far more versatile than other temporary advertising structures like banners and posters and should be a staple advertising mechanism for each and every corporate and company.

Guru Printers In Los Angeles

If you are in need of feathered flags and are in Los Angeles, then most good business orientated printing stores and service providers will be able to have these printed within a week of commissioning. Make sure you pay them a visit before it is too late for the next event.