Large format prints like vinyl banners or a 8 ft banner are some of our most popular products . Whether you want to use a vinyl banner for a promotional event, trade show, or outdoor/indoor signage, we’ve got you covered. The durability of vinyl banners or indoor vinyl is a large reason behind their popularity as they can be constantly reused in outdoor conditions such as rain, wind and direct sunlight for months on end.  Due to our  UV-resistant inks and high-quality 13 vinyl, your vinyl banner will not fade in color or crack.

In comparison to other print products, outdoor vinyl banners are a slightly bigger investment and so you need to ensure that your design is flawless before going to print.  Here is Guru Printers vinyl banner design tips before going to print on your next order of popup banners or vinyl sign prints.

1) Where will your banner hang?

It’s important to consider where you will be displaying your banner and how far it will be from your audience’s line of vision.  For example, a trade show banner will likely be seen by customers up close whereas a banner hanging on the side of your shop’s building will likely be seen from afar.  Both cases require a different approach in designing the custom vinyl banners.  A trade show banner might not need to large a font whereas a outdoor banner may need large bold fonts and more contrasting colors to catch the eye.

2.) Set your monitor to CMYK

Most monitors display images in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) whereas the majority of printers use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key color Black) to render those same colors. For the optimum color fidelity calibrated your files for CMYK.

Nearly all design, illustration and image editing software will allow you to change from RGB to CMYK.  Generally, using photoshop or illustrator ensures better color reproduction after printing.

3.) Pick a size

Smaller banners are your best bet if you expect your targeted audience to be closer, as is the case in trade shows and instore events.

Larger banners are ideal for situations where your targeted audience will be viewing them from afar. To play it safe it’s generally commonplace to go with to larger banners as they can be used in both instances of close or far target audiences.

4.) Make the colors pop

Highlighting your logo or tagline is best achieved by the use of contrast in colors.  You don’t want your message blending into the background.  When designing your next vinyl banner keep in mind that your featured message should contrast in color from the background for it to pop out.  A great example is the classic yellow text and red background.

5.) Give it some space

Cluttered banners will likely distract from the images and text you want your audience to see.  General rule of thumb is to be somewhat minimalistic and keep it simple.

6.) Select your fonts

A great font is generally an easy-to-read font. Stay away from using strange fonts that will only confuse people and distract from your message. Typically, you want to use no more than two different fonts with one for your highlighted message and another for your secondary tagline or additional information.  Make sure that your background and text don’t blend into each other by using contrast.

Pick a font that complements your message and stick to the point.

7.) Use high quality images

At Guru Printers we take pride in being able to produce photo-quality prints.  To ensure that your final image on your next vinyl banner is of highest quality please send us high quality images before going to print.

For a sharper and better defined print you need to send us high resolution files which will ultimately result in a better quality print with little to no pixelation.

High resolution rasterized files are highly recommended for vinyl banners that will includes photos or detailed illustrations.  Generally, a resolution of 150 dpi or higher is recommended for any photographic reproductions.  Make sure your photo is of the highest resolution possible so that your final image will be sharp when enlarged and printed onto a vinyl banner.

Vector files are recommended  If your vinyl banner will not feature any photos in your vinyl banner design then sending your files as vector files will ensure the best possible definition at any size after print.

If you need something printed with a premium custom printing services shop in Los Angeles, contact us today.