Guru Printers Guide To Vinyl Signs

Outdoor Graphics

Vinyl banner signs, adhesive vinyl signs, window or decal posters, and billboards are great large format advertising and marketing materials.

The versatility of the vinyl material is noteworthy as It can function as a banner, poster, or as mobile advertising on a vehicle wrap. The smooth surface of the vinyl is perfectly fit for high quality graphics and image printing. The right design and layout of a vinyl sign can enhance any space in which it hangs and deliver your brand’s message.

Vinyl is very popular in advertising due to it’s ability to withstand most outdoor weather conditions. The durability of the synthetic vinyl material makes it preferable above other paper material, fabric banners, or pole banners.

There are a variety of options when it comes to adhesive vinyl signs such as clear adhesive vinyl, floor graphics, perforated window decal, and vinyl banner. more.

Below we’ve listed some of our most popular vinyl signage types and outlined their advantages as tools in your marketing.

Vinyl Window and Wall Decal Signs

Wall Decals

Vinyl window and wall decals resemble posters and are great large format mediums by which to present a message unique to your business and industry. The versatility of vinyl window or wall decals is one of the reasons why they’re quite ubiquitous in both advertising and marketing.  In most cases vinyl decals are very easy to display but we recommend that you research your local city regulations before going to print on them because each city has its own unique rules when it comes to the size and location of these large displays.  The large format of vinyl window and wall decals lends to their eye-catching ability in various urban and rural spaces. The right design and strategic displaying of your vinyl decal can really turn heads. 

Adhesive Vinyl Signs

If you want to forego doing a traditional vinyl banner the adhesive vinyl pasting can be a great option for sticking on different surfaces.

Adhesive vinyl window graphics on storefronts are quite effective if strategically placed so as to not obscure the interior of the store. If you decide covering your window space with vinyl adhesive isn’t a good fit for you then adhesive vinyl decals displayed on your walls is a great option as they stick to most smooth surfaces.  Lastly, you may decide that adhesive vinyl is not the route you want to go in which case a vinyl banner with stands is best practice.

 Advantages of Adhesive Vinyl Signs

  1. Durability – Adhesive vinyl is very long lasting with the surface looking vibrant and brand new on any surface.  Vinyl material offers UV protection, resistance to moisture and humidity all lending to it’s durability.
  2. Customized Shapes – Adhesive vinyl signs are easy to customize into any shape giving you more options when it comes to your unique brand and message.
  3. Eye-catching – Vinyl full-color digital printing from high resolution files results in bold and vibrant displays that can really make an impression on your clientele. 
  4. Easy to remove – Adhesive vinyl is easy-to-remove.  Some businesses like to rebrand or offer different products/service throughout the year.  Easily removable adhesive vinyl is a great fit for your ever shifting marketing needs. 
  5. Versatility – Aside from storefront displays, adhesive vinyl signs are quite popular marketing material tools for conventions, trade shows, parades, and fairs. 
  6. Sticks To Most Surfaces – The adhesive side of the vinyl sign is fit for sticking on windows, wall and floors.  Glass, metal, drywall, concrete… you name it.  Advertising and marketing on any surface is one of the great advantages of adhesive vinyl. 

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