The traditional rectangular business card is a long lasting staple within the real of printed business and marketing material. However, we at Guru Printers want to present you with a wider range of options for you next batch of business card printing.  Specialty shaped business cards are nearly guaranteed to leave an impression. Ever brand and business has their niche and a specialty business card may be appropriate go their unique needs. Here are some examples of specialty business cards and different situations where they may be a viable option.

Rounded Corner Business Cards

For a more high-end look in comparison to standard business cards go with rounded corners.  The rounded corner business card gives will convey a message that your brand or business pays attention to detail. Also, the rounded corners will prevent any denting that can degrade your business card.

Square Business Cards

In comparison to standard business cards, square business cards are smaller which makes them easier to carry. Square business cards are also great for showcasing well designed and proportionate logos.  We also offer a square business card with rounded corner for a more premium look.

Slim Business Cards

Like our standard rectangular business cards these slim cards have a traditional length but with a slimmer width. If your brand requires a sleeker and more modern look then this is the ideal choice. We recommend slim business cards for fashion brands, salons, and beauty brands.  As with our square business cards we also offer slim business cards with rounded corners.

Folded Business Cards

Folded business cards provide more space, which allows for more room to convey your message and include more content. They are the ideal choice for businesses that may want a coupon or loyalty reward included within their design. We also often have customers select folded business cards as table markers for assigned seating events such as weddings.

Leaf Shaped Business Cards

Leaf shaped business cards are an eye-catching way to convey that your brand is environmentally friendly all within an organic design. This is a popular choice for brands and business with the health and wellness or organic food industry.

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Circle Shaped Business Cards

Circle shaped business cards quite uncommon and are a sure way to garner attention.  Round shaped logo designs are complemented quite well with this business card design.

Half-Circle Business Cards

Our half-circle shaped business cards are one of our more unique shapes. They are very dynamic in shape with one side being square or rounded corner and the other side being a half circle. The circular side really accommodates a logo that is also circular while the regular side can feature the conventional info that appears on a business card. If your brand or business is at the forefront of innovation withing technology, creative or advertising agencies then this might be the right shape for you.

Oval Business Cards

If your logo is oval or oblong then an oval shaped business card might be a good alternative to the standard business card. Most standard business cards designs can be easily transferred to this oval shape with very little tinkering.  Oval shaped business cards are not too common which is a great option if you really want to stand out from the fold.

Single Rounded Corner Business Cards

Our single rounded corner business cards offer three traditional angle corners with the addition of a fourth rounded corner resulting in a slightly unconventional look suited for cutting edge and innovative brands.  This is a popular choice for start up tech companies or creative agencies that want to grab the attention of their clients and collaborators.

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