Door hanging printers guide for real estate agents

If you’re a real estate agent or broker then targeted neighborhood marketing is a major way for you to grow your business.  Door hangers are an excellent option for those who want their marketing material to be as unique as their real estate practice.  Whereas postcards, flyers and business cards may be overlooked given how often they appear in mailboxes or on the front porches, a door hanger is more noticeable when hung on a door handle.

A real estate agent or broker who places their custom door hangers on the doorsteps of potential clients in a targeted neighborhood has a highly likelihood of bringing attention to their real estate practice and the value they provide.

Present Yourself: Introduce yourself and your business by implementing door hangers in your real estate “farming” and marketing strategy. Seasoned and new professionals alike can benefit by getting their name and what they’re about out to the field of potential clients.

Neighborhood specific “farming”:   Real estate farming is a lead generation strategy design to position a real estate agent or broker as the go-to agent for targeted homeowners or prospects within a specific neighborhood.  Simple ask how you can be of service or promote you open houses and new listings with a custom door hanger. in an area or an open house with an eye-catching door hanger.  At Guru Printers we offers full color, offset printing to ensure that your listing photos and presentations will look sharp and professional.

Brag about your wins and what you do: Use door hangers to inform a neighborhood of the recent sales you’ve made in and around their area. With Guru Printers as your top choice door hanger printing service, you can print short run target area door hangers and forego the wasted money on paper and postage as is typical with conventional real estate marketing material. The proper marketing with the unique tool of door hangers complements your door knocking practice as an agent introducing themselves to the neighborhood.

Contact one of our associates for more information on door hanger printing and how we can help you with your next marketing campaign as a real estate agent.