Door hangers have a lot of uses, some of which you may not have ever considered. When people think about door hangers, the most common image is a “Do Not Disturb” sign, especially in hotels. But professional door hanging printers offer a variety of uses for your door hangers. Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your business or include a personal touch in your crafts, door hangers have some unique ways to help get you there.

Door Hanging Printers for Business

Businesses and brands can greatly benefit from quality door hanger printing. With the right design and intention, door hangers can be powerful marketing and promotional tools. By utilizing door hangers in your company, you can see a growth in new business opportunities.


Door hanger advertising is an increasingly popular option for many businesses, especially since the pandemic hit. With a door hanger, you can promote your business or brand without having to come into direct contact with someone or risk bothering a potential client out of wanting to work with you. Door hangers can be placed at customers’ homes and left for them to deal with when they are ready. And instead of a flyer stuffed in the mail, customers are more likely to actually look at your door hanger instead of just throwing it right away.


Door hangers can also be a great way to display information to clients and customers. For instance, if your building or business has a lot of offices inside, you can use door hangers to let visitors know who is in each office and what they do. This helps ease the anxiety of visitors who may worry they’re entering the wrong office, and it’s cheaper than door plaques.

Door hangers can also be utilized in storefronts to provide information about products on display. You can hang the door hangers on shelves to promote special items and let shoppers know about any specifications, including additional colors or sizes you have in stock. They can also make for creative and cost-effective ways to separate items stored on racks.


Believe it or not, you can also boost your business by selling customized door hangers. If you have a unique design or idea for a door hanger, you can print them in bulk and sell them to customers or clients. Many people love getting unique items from companies they love, especially if the item can help them show off that company to others. By including your logo or company name, you not only make money off a sale, but you also get additional advertising opportunities whenever a client or customer hangs your sign on their door.

Door Hanging Printers for Personal Use

While door hangers can help companies and businesses boost their marketing and promotion, they can also be used for personal projects. With custom door hangers, you can add style and flair to any creative project you’re handling. Customized door hangers allow you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles in a cost-effective and fun manner.

Wine Bottles

Wine is a pretty common gift, especially during the holiday season. And while most people will delight in the wine itself, you can add a personal touch with a customized door hanger. But instead of hanging it on a door, you can hang it off the neck of the wine bottle. When used this way, door hangers add style and creativity to your gift, making a simple bottle of wine feel more personal than usual. You can create your own label for the wine bottle, add a custom greeting/message, or use a cute decorative design you know the receiver will enjoy.


If door hangers can be hung on wine bottles, they can be hung pretty much anywhere. And with endless customization design options, you can use them for any decoration you need. For example, you can use your own designs to create unique garlands by hanging door hangers on a string. Or you can make your own paper chandelier and hang it from your ceiling for a fun and festive feature. No matter how you decide to hang them, door hangers make for excellent decorations in any room of the house.

Gift Tags

If you have a pretty big gift to give away, you’ll need a pretty big gift tag to match. You can customize a door hanger with a unique design and message to the gift’s recipient. By hanging this tag on your present, you add a personal touch and unique design to any gift you give. They can also be attached to gift bags for those presents that just don’t fit well in wrapping paper. 

Door Hanging Printers in Los Angeles

At Guru Printers, we dedicate our business to helping your business or personal project grow. As one of the leading door hanging printers in downtown Los Angeles, we deliver high-quality printed materials to your door quickly and efficiently. We also have convenient pick-up options if you need your order even sooner. Looking to expand your promotional opportunities or spice up a creative project? Odoorur high-quality printed door hangers can help you achieve your goals. We also have in-house graphic designers that are available to help you get the perfect look for any of your printing needs. Get started by browsing our available options for door hangers online, or give us a call at (213) 513-2159 for help with your order.