As your go to glossy sticker printing company, Guru Printers makes same day sticker printing company easy for those customers who need their job rushed. For out clients who are in a hurry we’ve provided a thorough list of tips to ensure your stickers make an impression. We want to make certain that your ordered stickers have the appropriate specs and design for their intended use, even if you want your job rushed.

Here are Guru Printers tips for same day sticker printing.

  1. Define the purpose of your stickers and labels.

Stickers and labels are not a one size fits all job. For example, stickers intended for tagging and archiving will differ in design in comparison to stickers intended for promotional or packaging use. The paper stocks, sizes, quantity, die cuts, surface finishes, and other specs will differ from case to case. At Guru Printers we provide many options for your stickers to fulfill their unique purpose.

  1. Choose a shape.

To ensure your die cut stickers stands out we recommend custom shaped stickers using your die cut process. The unique shape of a custom sticker can make any design catch the eye. If you’re looking for something more conservative, then we recommend our standard shape stickers for their cost-effectiveness and the way in which they complement your logo or intended message.  A well designed logo can really shine against a backdrop of a standard cut sticker.  Our standard stickers come in rectangular, square, circle and oval shapes.

  1. Cut-to-size and Roll Label stickers.

We recommend cut-to-size stickers for instances where you will be using them as a promotional tool and handing them out at the checkout stand or in a trade show. Rolled stickers are more suited for labeling packaging as they are easy to peel, dispense and store in neatly compact rolls.

  1. Make sure your design is professional.

Having a graphic design specialist create your sticker design really helps when it comes to the final uploading of your design.  Issues such as layout, color fidelity, and kerning are things an experienced designer will save you time and money on.

  1. Same day sticker printing requirements.

For same day sticker printing we recommend having your files uploaded no later than 8am on the same business day.  Generally, we provide same day sticker printing services for quantities of 2500 or lower.  Files uploaded should be in high quality jpg, pdf or eps formats.  For larger quantities of cut-to-size or roll stickers please contact one of our team members.