DIY vs. Professional Photo Printing

Everyone loves seeing their photos printed in premium quality and hanging on the wall in their living room, bedroom, or lounge. Printed photos are an excellent way to improve your interior décor and preserve memories for a prolonged period.

Professional Photo Printing

In addition, printed photos create inspiration because they enhance your mood when you see them displayed around the indoor space. However, printing photos requires extensive knowledge of software applications and printers.

Whether you are a professional photographer who loves the images’ finer points or someone who wants to create a memorable experience, knowledge of high-quality prints is crucial. Today’s article will differentiate between DIY and professional photo printing to help you make an informed decision and achieve your goals.

Paper Quality

Paper quality is critical when printing photos. When you hold a professional print in one hand and a DIY print in the other, you will notice the difference in paper quality. Compared to a DIY print, professional photos have premium quality and thicker paper.

Guru Printers uses professional quality paper and advanced color dispersion tools to create a dazzling array of quality colors. The purpose is to reproduce the desired tones and ensure bright, strong, and vibrant greens, yellows, blues, and cyan.

A home-based printer usually uses low-quality paper and does not produce richer photos with proper sharpness, contrast, and depth. On the other hand, when you hire a professional service like Guru Printers in LA, you will get visually striking and worthy of displaying photos in your home’s art gallery.

Photo Printing

Ink Quality

Ink quality is another crucial factor to consider when printing a photo. The quality of your printed pictures depends on the chemicals, inks, and processes used to print them on paper. Although you can use cheaper materials to cut costs, you won’t achieve the desired quality.

In contrast, Guru Printers use higher-grade chemicals and inks and ensure appropriate and industrially approved processes to produce premium-quality images. We have state-of-the-art printers that use advanced inks and chemicals to print superior photos.

Photo Finishing

Photo finishing is something you can’t achieve with a home printer used for DIY printing. Do you want a glossy or matte finish? These are the primary choices for photo finishing.

So, whether you choose a consumer printing service or a professional printing service, it is crucial to determine whether they offer high-quality finishing. In addition to matte and glossy finishing, Guru Printers has pioneered the art and science of metallic and lusting finishing. We can even add an excellent finishing a linen texture.

Our company has professional teams with years of experience creating photo prints in various finishes. The purpose is to achieve visual appeal and maximize creativity. Therefore, hiring Guru Printers is worth your money.

Size and Enlargement

Everyone loves the standard 4 inches x 6 inches postcard size prints. However, some people need a non-standard size to create more enjoyable photographs. The good news is that Guru Printers has a diverse range of equipment to print a wide range of sizes.

Our company offers a customization tool for photo enlargement and printing. For instance, you can choose the materials, width between 8 inches to 44 inches, and height between 8 inches and 60 inches. At the same time, you can select the number of photos for printing and even set the turnaround time.

We offer various options to meet your needs. There are more than 50 sizes. The purpose is to print your photos accurately and to the precise specifications. Thus, you can frame, hang, and scrapbook your pictures according to your requirements.

Custom Photo Printing

Color Correction

Color correction is directly proportional to high-quality prints. However, when you want to perform this task as a DIY project, you may not adjust the hues, eliminate color casts, and make the colors true to life.

Even if you hire a photo printing service, the company will use automated software for color correction. On the other hand, Guru Printers has a team of professionally trained and experienced color correctors to edit your pictures.

We have a high level of experience that no software application can match. Our team takes photography subject, style, and color management into account when printing photos. The purpose is to provide value for your hard-earned money.


Calibration is essential for people who want to print quality, colorful, and vibrant photos. If you care about the colors of your image, make sure you avoid editing or printing it using a home-based printer.

Likewise, consumer photo services don’t have enough experience and skills to perform specialized calibration due to a lack of equipment. In contrast, Guru Printers has invested in industrial-grade color calibration tools to achieve a premium level of hue precision.

At Guru Printers, our professional team generates various color profiles in-house and provides our customers with state-of-the-art calibration management. The purpose is to customize the paper and printer and pay attention to the details.

Printer Quality

Guru Printers uses high-end printing machines to create photo prints markedly different from DIY and consumer lab photos. For instance, at Guru printers, we don’t use outdated equipment and printing machines. Instead, our team uses the latest and cutting-edge photo printing machines to perform the job adequately.

In addition, we can produce prints of various qualities depending on your needs. Our printed images have more vibrant colors, depth, and details in shadows and highlights. We also print sharper photos and ensure they are not prone to fading or damage.

Final Words

Although DIY photo printing is apparently cheaper, it can cost you a lot of money buying ink cartridges and paper. The problem worsens when the printed photo quality is not according to your requirements.

We follow a step-by-step approach to streamline the photo printing service. Our quality control team spot checks each order every day as part of our workflow. Guru Printers is the epitome of the highest-quality photo prints. Contact us today!