Large businesses and some smaller operations alike use booklets as a unique marketing tool to set them apart.  Selecting the perfect booklet design to complement your brand and aesthetic can be a bit more challenging in comparison to other marketing material like posters or flyers.  As your top choice for booklet printing in Los Angeles we at Guru Printers have put together the following guide to help you in your next run of booklet prints.

1.) Paper stock

The weight and thickness of the paper you use will depend on the intended purpose behind your booklet.  If you intend for your booklets to be used regularly as is the case with manuals or catalogues, then you will have quite different design needs in comparison to a booklet printed to be seen only on occasion at a trade show or event.

Thinner paper stock have some advantages.  For example, thinner stocks allow for  more booklets that will weigh less in the box, which is an important thing to consider if you’re traveling to trade show or conference for the purpose of passing them out.  On the other hand thicker paper stocks will feel nicer and be slightly heavier which is ideal for promotional material, presentations or reports.

2.) Choose a finish.

Choosing gloss, matte, or uncoated finishes is completely up to your preferences.  Glossy finishes have a sleeker look especially for booklets that incorporate more photographic images. Matte finishes are easier to read in direct light and have less fingerprint residue on them after being flipped through.  You can also choose to go with matte and uncoated inner pages while opting for a gloss back and front cover.

Booklet Printing Los Angeles

3.) Select full color or grayscale

Grayscale printing is more cost effective though it can make the images in your booklet eye-catching. Full color printing is slightly more expensive but allows for greater flexibility in what you can do with your images and text within the booklet.  Whichever you choose make sure it complements your brand’s message.

4.) Pick a size

The size of your booklet will depend on it’s intended purpose. For example, a manual or catalogue may run larger in size while an event program is better suited for smaller size booklets.

Small booklets are easier to store and transport which is an important consideration for instances where you intend to hand them out at a convention or trade show.

Larger booklets give you more flexibility and variety with regard to design and content making them the ideal choice for large catalogues, manuals or art print booklets Los Angeles.

5.) Select your binding

We offer saddle stitch and wire-o binding both of which are economical ways to bind your booklet.  Saddle stitching is better suited for a more permanent and put together look for your booklet.  Wire-O binding will allow your pages to be detached more easily which might be preferable in instances where you are printing a manual.

6.) Make sure you proof

Booklets are slightly more complicated in comparison to other print material in that the various pages with their content need to be correctly aligned to result in a better product.  For this reason, we highly recommend you have your booklet manually proofed.  This will help you avoid any errors and ensure that your text and images are appropriately placed within the trim.

For most businesses booklets are a larger investment in comparison to other marketing material so manual proofing is an extra measure you need to take to ensure you have the best booklet design and end product.

7.) Select your quantity

Printing booklets in bulk might have a higher upfront cost but will be cheaper per piece. The inverse is true for shorter run booklet printing which has a lower upfront cost per order with each booklet individually being more expensive. We recommend printing booklets in bulk if you intend them for wide distribution or mail out material.

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