Many different industries rely on catalogs to help boost their businesses. With Los Angeles catalog printing, a world of opportunity opens up to your company. Catalogs can be used to display new products, show off services and experiences, or even portfolio your artwork. As long as you have the right design and the right printing company, you can create beautiful and professional catalogs that will serve any business or professional purpose.

Services a Los Angeles Catalog Printing Company Provides

For some printing companies, most of the work falls on you to create the perfect catalog for your company. But many others provide additional services and help that assist in producing a quality product you can be proud of.

Design Assistance

Sometimes you have a good idea for a product, but you don’t always have the skills to create the design for it. And hiring a freelancer or full-time artist to help isn’t always an option. With the amount of time you need to spend finding one, you lose out on other aspects of your business.

However, many Los Angeles catalog printing companies provide design services with their in-house design team. You can provide images, ideas, and samples of what you want, and they’ll help you create the perfect look and feel for your catalog. Not only will the design be professional and clean, but you’ll know for a fact that the files will be properly formatted for the best-quality printing possible.


One of the worst experiences in the business world is ordering a bulk shipment of a product only to discover an error or flaw. These costly misprints make it difficult to get ahead in the business world. And while some companies may allow these errors to slip through unnoticed, many others provide proofing and editing services. These services can help catch any misprints or typos before they mass produce your order, saving you time and money on catalog printing.

Additional Promotional Products

Right now, you may just need a catalog printed, but in the future, you could also need business cards, bookmarks, or vinyl stickers. While some printing companies just stick to a specific type of printing, many others offer a variety of products to choose from. Finding a Los Angeles catalog printing company that also offers other promotional materials can save you time in the future if you need something else. And by working with the same company, you can rest assured they’ll know what style you’re looking for in your products to help make future orders easier and quicker.

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Qualities of a Good Los Angeles Catalog Printing Company

Lots of Los Angeles printing companies will offer multiple services, in-house design help, and editing services. So how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some ways you can determine whether a printing company is right for your business.

Check the Physical Location

While some companies may claim to be in Los Angeles, that doesn’t always mean their physical printing location is in the city. But having printing offices in a downtown or urban area is crucial. A centrally located printing company will have access to more and better shipping options. This means you can get your orders quickly and safely, according to your budget. Some printing companies even allow you to pick up your order as soon as it’s ready. Knowing where your printer’s physical location is can help you determine the best course for your company.

Read Online Reviews and Testimonials

Good word of mouth is always necessary for any business, especially printing companies. Looking up online reviews and reading testimonials can help you see if a printer is right for you. Many reviewers will post photos of their orders so you can judge the quality of products in real life. By reading a variety of testimonials, you can get a feel for how the printing company deals with clients and what you can expect when placing an order with them.

Look for File Formatting Assistance

File formatting is a big issue in many printed orders. An improperly formatted file leads to misprints that can cost you a lot of time and money. But not every printing company details the specifics of what your files should look like. A good printer will have all the information you need to make sure your file is properly formatted. Examples of improperly formatted files include:

Images with low DPI – The dots per inch of your images should be a minimum of 300 to ensure a crisp and clear print.

Use of wrong color spectrum – Printers use the CMYK color spectrum to print your catalogs, but most files default to the RGB color spectrum. Printing in RGB often leads to discoloration that can ruin your images.

No room for bleed area – Catalog pages should have a ¼” bleed area around the content. This prevents the loss of important information during the cutting and binding process.

If a printing company doesn’t detail the specifics of the file formatting you need, then it can be hard to trust that your catalog will print out correctly for your business.

Need Los Angeles Catalog Printing Services?

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