When it comes to promoting your business, brand awareness is key. The more people can recognize your products and packaging, the more you can attract new customers and encourage new purchases. While many companies spend a lot of effort on online marketing and brand promotion, few think to take advantage of additional avenues. With clear plastic labels, you can enhance your product packaging both in stores and through online orders. By adding a unique and creative touch, you can increase brand awareness and improve your monthly profits.

Why Choose Clear Plastic Labels?

Labeling your products is crucial to ensuring people know about your brand. But there are plenty of different ways you can do that. You could use specialty boxes or bags that show off your logo and company name. Or you can even include your marketing on the products themselves with things such as clothing patches or metal etching. Using clear plastic labels allows you to brand your products and packaging with some added benefits.

Waterproof Labeling

Most clear plastic labels are made from waterproof materials, making them the perfect option for many products. If you have products that sit outside, for example, a waterproof label can protect them from the rain. Clear labels are also perfect for products that are naturally exposed to water. Items like umbrellas and water bottles can benefit from clear plastic labels without worry about the labels falling off or being damaged.

Transparent Product Labeling

Some products you sell might be naturally transparent. In these cases, you don’t want to cover up their unique features by using a box or opaque labeling. Clear labels allow you to brand these objects while still showing off their transparency. This way, you can maintain the beauty of your products while still enhancing your branding efforts.

Floating Text Effect

Adding your own creative spin to product packaging can be a great way to show what kind of a company you are. With the right placement and material, you can create a unique floating text effect on your products. Whether you’re using this as an eye-catching move or as part of your overall branding efforts, it’s guaranteed to add a light and fun twist to any marketing venture.

Labeling Patterns and Textures

Because of their transparent quality, clear plastic labels are perfect for objects with unique colors, patterns, or textures. By allowing viewers to see through to the object beneath, clear labels can show off the unique aspects of your products. Doing so allows you to showcase many different products and variations at once instead of having to display just a floor model. This way, you can maximize the storage in your store and potentially move more products throughout the day.

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Applying Clear Plastic Labels to Your Product Packaging

Clear plastic labels can be a great way to improve your branding efforts and add a creative spin to your product packaging. But they can only work properly if they are applied correctly. If you aren’t careful in putting your labels on, they could fall off, become damaged, or even lose their transparent effect.

For best results, make sure you start with a clean and dry surface. Excess moisture on the product/package can reduce the effectiveness of the adhesion, making your label more likely to fall off. Clear labels also make dirt and debris more noticeable on the product/package. So, ensuring your surface is properly prepared can help enhance the effectiveness of your new labels.

Designing Clear Plastic Labels

When it comes to branding, you want to make sure all of your promotional materials have a cohesive look. This means making sure your clear plastic labels will fit in with other branded materials you have. If your logo isn’t naturally designed to fit a clear label, you’ll need to come up with another design that can help. Just make sure you pay attention to the following details.


Believe it or not, a consistent font is key for brand awareness. Although many customers can’t tell what kind of font is being used, they can often subconsciously tell when a font changes. Using the same font, or at least the same family of font, across your branded materials is a great way to maintain cohesion. Adding your company name with a fancy cursive font won’t help your branding if everything else is in a simpler font.

Color Scheme

More noticeable than the font is the color scheme. Picking out a few colors to represent your company is a great way to build brand awareness. Even if the products beneath your clear plastic labels don’t have the same colors, using branded colors on your labels can be beneficial. An easily recognizable color scheme helps customers know they’re buying your products and supporting your business.


Images that are unique to your company can also help with brand awareness and product packaging. For example, if you sell shoes and use silhouettes of different types of shoes in your logo, you can use those same images for your product labeling. Maintaining the use of branded imagery can greatly increase your brand awareness and help support your promotional goals.

Where to Get Clear Plastic Labels for Your Products

If you want to show off your products in a creative way, clear plastic labels can help. By adding waterproofing, unique text effects, and transparent capabilities, clear labels can help boost your brand awareness. At Guru Printers, we’re dedicated to helping our customers reach their customers with unique and creative marketing materials. You can place an order for clear plastic labels through our online form or give us a call at (213) 348-1749 if you need any help with your order.