For most brick and mortar businesses window signs can often be great marketing tools and a way to make the presence of your small business known. They can create a professional atmosphere for any storefront while attracting the interest of potential customers.  The right window signage is a budget friendly form of advertising the presents your brand front and center.

At Guru Printers we wanted to write a guide on the difference between window decals and window clings, as well as their specific uses.  As two of our most popular signage items for small businesses, decals and clings make for great eye-catching marketing.

When you need a Custom Window Cling 

close-up of our Window Cling material

Window Clings are made of a vinyl cling material that uses surface static to adhere to glass surfaces. It is bright white in color, opaque in texture, and eye-catching in presentation.  Window clings hold up firmly glass surfaces leaving no residue behind if you choose to reposition or remove them

If your are looking for signage that is more temporary or needs to be constantly relocated then a window cling is a good option for you. They are a popular choice for holiday sales and special promotions since they can be easily removed and used again on a seasonal basis.

For best results spray a small amount of water to the glass surface before applying the cling.

Custom Window Decals 

close-up of our Window Decal material

Window Decals are made of a durable calendared vinyl material that has an adhesive backing. The vinyl is matte and quite eye-catching in presentation.  Window decals are better suited for signage that will be more permanent or presents a brand in totality.  They can adhere to nearly any surface unlike window clings that require glass surfaces.  Decals are a great choice for company signs or something more artistic.