Print Materials For E-commerce

Online shopping offers customers convenience.  Many businesses do more transactions online than they do within their brick-and-mortar locations.   The savvy entrepreneur knows the importance of adapting to change as new trends develop.  That is why most business owners focus a lot of their efforts on their online shop and branding.

Opening an online store can result in a great start for a business that is not ready to pay the overhead cost of a physical location.  Even many well established business use e-commerce as a way to expand their reach and increase profits.  Given the competitive landscape of online retail and service every business will look for ways to bolster it’s brand and stand out from the crowd.  This is where the right printed marketing material can help give your online business an edge.  Print materials can be used to forge the identity of your brand and build rapport with your client base.  Here are Guru Printer’s list of printed materials that can help your online business lengthen it’s reach while making impactful impressions.

Roll Labels

Roll labels are high-quality stickers that are placed and dispensed from a roll, as opposed to regular stickers which are cut individually. Labels are quite versatile in that they can be used to label a large variety of products. If your run an online store, a cost-effective way to raise brand awareness is to print roll labels with your logo on them and perhaps the addition of a slogan or contact info (phone, website, address etc).  The roll labels can be placed on all outgoing packages or within package boxes as way to bolster the identity of your brand by using one of the most cost-effective print materials.

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Postcards can be utilized in a variety of ways. Their versatility is exemplified by the fact that they’re often used for special promotional announcements, invitation or call to action cards, as well as the simple customer appreciation or thank you note.   Many e-commerce businesses use postcards as marketing material placed within their shipments to clients.  Usually, the card will carry information about the product the customer is receiving, a promotional offer, or a simple thank you.  This is great for building rapport with your clientele for repeat transactions.

Postcard Printing

Business Cards

Business cards the most common and popular form of printed marketing material.  Many online retailers might include the business card of a specific point of contact or associate assigned to their customers within their outgoing packages.  Doing this allows for a more personal rapport with your client base.  A customer that sees a business card within their package with your name or the name of the associate responsible for their service is more likely to put trust in your business.  Online retail can be very impersonal so adding that extra touch of human contact via a business card can really make an impression.

Premium Business Cards

Die-cut Stickers

Promotional sticker are usually used by well established brands within their packaging.  Even for small businesses that aren’t as large, die-cut stickers can help begin forging your brands identity.  With the right design and targeted message stickers can be a great promotional tool that work in harmony with your brand identity to leave a lasting impression.  Most of us are familiar with bumper stickers and laptops adorned with the stickers of people’s favorite brands.  These simple gestures go a long way in increasing visibility and brand awareness.  At Guru Printers we offer a wide variety of customizable shapes and sizes for your next batch of die-cut stickers.

Hang Tags / Folded Hang Tags

If you’re an apparel and clothing store then hang tags are essential part of your identity both online and offline. They can be attached to just about any item.  It is crucial to consider your branding when designing these as it relates to your logo, product information, color scheme and any additional info you’d like to share with your customers. We recommend folded hang tags for those that want to share a bulk of information while keeping their look simple and uncluttered.  Outside of clothing e-commerce many of our clients who sell beverages, candles, or beauty products also find hang tags to a be unique tool in their marketing arsenal.


Booklets and catalogs are highly regarded by businesses that want to show the vast array of products and services they provide.  They serve as both editorial as well as informative pieces of marketing material.  You can include editorial like photos of your products and well as in depth information which customers will find to set you apart from competitors.  The intention of booklets and catalogs should be to entice your customers with things that they may not see or notice when simply browsing your online store or brick and mortar location.

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