You want your wedding to be perfectly tailored to your love story. With specialized printing services, you can personalize your day with a unique touch of charm. Everything from save the date magnets to announcement banners can help you achieve your dream wedding. By getting custom printed materials for your wedding, you get to personalize each item, ensuring it fits perfectly with everything else. Here are some fun and unique printing ideas that will really help make your wedding pop.

Announcement Banners and Posters

Depending on where you’re having your ceremony and reception, you may end up sharing a larger space with other parties and events. Holding your reception in a hotel or convention center means having to direct your guests to the specific rooms you’ll be in. Most public venue spaces have maps and directions readily available, but you want to make sure that your guests know they’re in the right spot when they arrive. 

Using large-scale printing on banners and posters allows you to announce where your ceremony and reception are being held. You can use photo enlargement to create a gorgeous design that showcases your special day. With a high-quality vinyl banner and retractable banner stand, you can help your guests find their way without spending time worrying about keeping an eye on the door.

Save the Date Magnets

When you’re ready to let people know about your upcoming nuptials but aren’t quite ready to send out invitations, you need a way to let people know to save the date. There are a few different ways to do this, including sending a simple letter or doing a blast email. But adding a personal touch with an added bit of fun can really help your wedding shine.

Save the date magnets are a great way to get the date of your wedding out into the world in a fun and unique way. You can customize the design to feature an image of you and your betrothed. By putting your save the date on a magnet, you give your prospective guests use for the item, avoiding unnecessary waste. It also helps them remember when your wedding is, as it can be displayed in many easy-to-see spots, so they won’t miss it.

Invitations and Envelopes

When it is finally time to send out the official invitations, you can customize both the invitations themselves and the envelopes they’re in. Printing customized envelopes and cards is a great way to save yourself time (and wrist pain) from writing out your address and information each time. You can also add more fun and unique personalization to the design of each, making your wedding look as special as it is. 

save the date magnets

Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

Place Cards

Serving food at a wedding reception is typically a must. And making sure everything and everyone is arranged properly is important in ensuring a smooth breakfast/lunch/dinner. Whether it’s keeping feuding family members apart or helping to reconnect old friends, you may want to decide ahead of time where people should sit. Using custom-printed placeholders is a great way to direct traffic in a chic manner. With the right customization and personal touch, your place cards may even be a fun memento that people will want to take home with them to remember the day.


There’s a lot that goes on during a wedding, both at the ceremony and at the reception. Having a printed itinerary that your guests can reference is a great way to help make sure they don’t miss the big events. After all, you’ll want all your friends present for the cake cutting and bouquet toss. With a uniquely designed itinerary, you give your guests direction and a fun keepsake to remember all the good times they had at your wedding.

Gift Bags with Save the Date Magnets

You’re probably going to get a lot of wedding gifts on your special day, so why not give some back in return? Many hosts like to create personalized and unique gift bags for their friends and family who attend their weddings. You can print designs right onto canvas or fabric bags, making fun holders for your goodies. 

You can fill the bag with unique printed items as well, such as:

–      Bookmarks

–      Stickers

–      Magnets

–      Postcards

–      Photos

–      Buttons

–      Mugs

With these fun little gifts, your guests will leave knowing you took the time to cater to every aspect of your wedding.

Vinyl Wall Lettering

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the decoration of your wedding. Everything from streamers to balloons are great ways to help add color and flair. You can enhance these features using vinyl wall lettering. With wall lettering, you can:

–      Display your favorite quotes about love

–      Announce important locations (such as a photo op center or food and drink table)

–      Add the names of those who couldn’t make it, so it’s like they’re there with everyone

By utilizing vinyl wall lettering, you get an extra layer of personalization and color that helps make your wedding pop.

Save the Date Magnets and Wedding Printing with Guru Printers

At Guru Printers, we want to make sure your special day truly is special. We can help print everything from save the date magnets to vinyl wall lettering. We even have in-house design options. They can take your pictures and other images and create stunning designs unique to your wedding. If you’re ready to take your ceremony or reception to the next level, you can start placing an order directly online or give us a call at (213)-371-9412 for questions and assistance.