Stickers and Roll Labels can be essential marketing materials that can help elevate your business through brand visibility.  At Guru Printers we’ve provided a guide for how Stickers and Roll Labels can highlight the products you are showcasing all while raising brand awareness.   

Stickers and Branding

How To Use Stickers & Roll Labels

When it comes to stickers the equation is quite simple: A great logo or graphic accompanied with perhaps a slogan or tagline. That’s it!  Print these onto a sticker and you’re partially on your way to brand recognition. 

1. Custom stickers as promotional items and “swag”.   

having well branded stickers to hand out as swag or promotional item is great marketing tool for both brick-and-mortar businesses or online shops.  Offering custom stickers to your customers or potential clientele shows that you’re confident in your brand identity and that you value the way in which your business is presented.  Additionally,  most people will appreciate receiving  a free well designed sticker whether at the check-out stand or at a tradeshow booth. 

2. Selling stickers as merchandise. 

Selling your stickers as merchandise is a great option if you’re already a well-established and notable brand.  A sticker can be a luxury item if you’re a Louis Vuitton or niched business with a loyal patronage.  Many loyal customers are proud to dish out a few extra dollars to have a limited edition sticker of their favorite brand.  Another way in which stickers can be sold as merchandise is if you’re got a really great slogan that appeals to a wide demographic outside of your intended audience.  A good example would be all the variations of bumper stickers that became popular after the “Got Milk” campaign of the dairy industry.  People started riffing off the slogan and some smaller brands did real well satirizing the slogan on custom bumper stickers which they would sell at their check-out counters a “gag gifts” or “funny novelties”.    

3.  Roll labels for packaging (Handle With Care, Fragile, This Side Up, etc) 

roll labels quickly LA

For businesses that ship large amounts of packages it’s quite common to use labels on packaging that provide handling directions for the shipping carriers and the recipients. At Guru Printers we get a lot of roll label requests for printing fragile labels or specific care instructions.  Printing these instructions on roll labels is practical in that you can have large quantities of labels for all the packages you mail out while having the added convenience of being able to peel the labels off the roll in quick packaging environments. 

5. Address Labels 

For businesses that rely heavily on customer and vendor correspondence we recommend well branded address labels.  A well-designed address label with all the crucial information like your logo and business address is vital to a uniform and professional mail out campaign.   

6. Product Roll Labels 

Perhaps our most popular roll labels and stickers are those that will be placed on actual products.  Nothing forges brand identity like a good product and a touch of product labeling.  Whether your products are in boxes, jars, cups, bottles, or bags, printing labels that contain your brand’s logo and/or product information will help distinguish your business from others while leaving a lasting impression.  Product labels printed as stickers or roll labels are a budget friendly way to invest in your business and how it’s perceived as a viable brand.