A canvas print is an image printed from an inkjet printer onto a canvas. Canvas is a durable and robust fabric created with hemp, cotton, or linen. Once you settle on the artwork, you could choose between a frameless border or a framed canvas print.

Should You Choose Canvas Prints?

While designing or decorating your home and office, you may consider whether you should choose canvas prints or framed prints. It depends on your preference and your existing decorations. While framed prints connect the rest of the room with their frame style, canvas prints are more versatile. One advantage is that frameless borders of canvas prints adapt to any style. Moreover, canvas prints can liven up the area that you are decorating.

Types of Canvas Print Layouts

When you are selecting a canvas, it will depend on the space and layout of your wall. Single canvas is an excellent fit for large art pieces, or for smaller areas in your home where you can’t fit more than one canvas. You could also opt for multi-panel canvas if you have a larger wall space. You can select a variety of artwork to create a multi-panel layout.

Custom Canvas Shapes and Sizes

Canvas comes in various shapes and sizes to fit your space. Square canvas prints are perfect for creating a grid layout on your wall and for the use of multiple canvases. Rectangular canvas prints are great for walls where there is an unequal amount of space or for filling gaps in an asymmetrical layout. Hexagon canvas prints work well as a statement piece or can be used in combination with other pieces. You can also opt for mini canvas prints or easel-back canvas prints for filling small spaces around your home with fond memories.

Designs for Canvas Prints

You can pretty much customize all your canvas prints to match your tastes and preferences. For instance, you can choose modern canvas prints that often focus on bold colors and unique shapes. Family photos make for a great canvas print. If you have a modern interior, abstract designs are perfect for your living space. Another excellent option for canvas prints is landscape photos.

Guru Printers specializes in custom canvas printing for all your needs. If you have a design in mind, you can format your image as a PDF, upload it, and we will get started. On the other hand, if you want our help in designing your canvas print, we are happy to assist. For all your canvas printing needs, feel free to contact us today to get started.