What the surveys reveal

Small business owners spend most of their time on project management and administrative tasks.  Unfortunately, other tasks that are crucial to growing a business, like product development, marketing, or design are left by the wayside.

Most small businesses are not implementing external resources to save time on business related activities.  On the surface this makes sense given the cost of outsourcing a certain aspect of one’s business but delegating and using your resources can greatly increase business in the long run while freeing up more time for small business owners.   Surveys reveal that the more administrative side of any business is what owners are preoccupied with the most, followed by customer service, and then project management.

How Being Busy Affects Lives

Small business owners are also uncomfortably familiar with how a busy schedule is taking a toll on their personal life. Most small business owners can attest to how their busy schedule has affected their health, fitness and sleep patterns.

 Tips On A Healthier “Busy” Schedule

  1. Don’t Be A Yes Man:  If saying yes to everything results in jeopardizing other crucial aspects of running your business, you will have to get in the habit of saying no to certain time eating activities. This can apply to the administrative side of any business wherein one might learn to enlist assistance or come up with a better hierarchy of tasks in order to manage time.
  2. Time Out:
    Just taking a few minutes, hours or even days can really make a difference in your mindset. A break can have a huge impact on your sense of wellness weather that be to meditate, go for a healthy walk or eat the nutritious lunch you packed.
  3. From Least To Greatest: Deciding on the tasks that are most significant to conducting your business can really have an impact on your productivity.  Organizing your tasks from least to greatest importance and tackling the latter rather than the former is a very effective way to mitigate your time and energy. Spend less time on what doesn’t impact your business in a positive way.

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