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If you want to create a memorable item to sell, giveaway as a promotion or gift someone, then a custom mug is one of the greatest cost-effective options.  Guru Printers can also help you create a variety of personalized images and messages that are uniquely designed for the occasion.  Maybe you have a small company with a handful of employees.  A personalized mug for each of your fellow employees with their photos and your company slogan can create a sense of camaraderie.  Or if you’re looking for something a bit more fun perhaps you can write “most likely to _____” and have employees fill in the blank with a sharpie to bring on some fun and smiles around the workplace.  Beyond kitsch, custom mugs are also great retail items that can carry impactful images and messages while also functioning as a practical everyday item someone might choose as their “go to mug” the next time they want a cup of coffee.  Custom mugs also make great single item gift ideas for that friend’s birthday or relative you haven’t seen in a while.

Souvenir mugs come in all types and shapes.

A popular choice, ceramic mugs retain heat well for that warm cup of coffee or tea.  They are also quite eco-friendly with regards to material. Ceramic mugs are usually larger with a bigger capacity for carrying liquid.  They come in various colors as well.

  • Porcelain mugs 

More fragile than ceramic mugs, porcelain is definitely more elegant an likely fitted well for lifestyle retail stores or as a high end gift.  Porcelain is more expensive and smaller in size and liquid capacity.

  • Plastic mugs 

Best suited for informal gatherings, children’s parties, backyard barbeques or picnics, they can make a great gift for your guests as they enjoy cold drinks.

  • Acrylic mugs 

These are great for giving away as promotional items at trade shows or conventions.  They are suited for cold drinks and quite budget friendly to produce.

  • Travel mugs.

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Great for fitting within a car’s cup holder and traveling.  These mugs help drinks stay warm while avoiding spillage.

  • Glass mugs 

Commonly used in bars, restaurants, or pubs these are great for printing your company logo and keeping drinks cold.

 Design tips for mugs.

  • Before printing make sure you’ve clearly decided on what is going to be printed on it.  Remember, make it fit for the occasion or brand.
  • Print on a durable mug.  Usually, the thicker the better no matter what type of mug you go for.
  • Choose your design, colors, or fonts elements to best fit your message and purpose behind the custom mug.
  • Make it memorable.  A funny quote.  A elegant contemporary design.  A memorable picture.  Whatever you decide to print on the mug you want to make something others will remember.
  • The only limit to your design is your imagination. Go all out! Be creative. Remember, there is no box, the only box is your imagination!

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*Contact Guru Printers if you need any help in designing your custom mug as we have a variety of templates, stock images, colors, and fonts to choose from.
You can also upload your own photos, images, and designs to our website for easy printing on your next set of custom mugs.

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