Tips for Printing Photos on Canvas

Photos On Canvas

Here are Guru Printers tips for printing photos to canvas:

When printing old photos

We recommend that all old photos be retouched on a photo editing program to ensure a great print onto canvas. Retouching old photos can help to restore damaged photos, correct overexposure or underexposure, and illuminate red.  Furthermore, retouching old photos can help in resizing and reshaping the photo to fit to canvas.  At Guru Printers we also offer photo retouching services that can help restore your photo before going to print on canvas.

Images must be high quality

If you are not printing an old photo to canvas, it’s best practice to use high resolution photos.  Higher resolution will prevent your image quality from decreasing should it need to be enlarged to fit on canvas.

Decide on a canvas shape

The positioning of the subject in the picture and composition of your photo are factors to consider in selecting the right shape for your canvas print.  A rectangular or tall canvas shape is best for when you want to have as much of your subject as possible displayed on the canvas.  A landscape or panoramic photo may require a long or extra-long canvas shape.  A square frame might work better for cropped photos or instances where you want to feature only a part of the subject within the photo.

Decide where your canvas will be hung

Make sure you know exactly where you’re going to hang your canvas before going to print. If you have limited wall space then a smaller canvas might work best.  Conversely, a larger canvas print will work better if you have a large area available to hang it in. For canvases intended to be gifted to someone else you need to make sure to have an idea of the recipient’s available wall space. 

Decide on a color pallet that fits the surroundings

Match your print to the aesthetic layout and interior design of the room you will be hanging your canvas in.  Canvas prints of your family or friends, will look good on just about any wall, but if you’re going for a more refined aesthetic consider the color scheme of the print and how it will relate to other items within its surroundings.

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