Guru Printer’s Calendar Printing Tips

Calendar Printing Tips

We receive many inquiries about calendar printing near the end of the year.  Many businesses print calendars for the holiday season as a great end of the year marketing tool to ring in the year that is arriving.  Some reasons why calendars are popular:

  • Physical calendars outside of smart phones are still in demand for office and small business environments.
  • If they are cost free to customers most will end up using them.
  • Brand recognition throughout the year.

We also receive many inquiries about personalized calendars as well since they are a great giveaway at weddings or as customized gifts.

Here are some things to consider before you print:

1.) Design Consistency.

Created your calendars in a way that showcases your brand or your business design theme for your custom calendar to be much more than a simple date keeping tool.

Consider the fonts, colors, formatting and other design elements so that they complement the purpose of your calendar without too many distractions

In short make sure that your calendar design fits the main theme of your business or conveys your central message.

2.) Utilize Templates.

Usually a calendar template is a good place to start. Utilizing templates helps prevent common issues in calendar printing, such as alignment, bleed and trim lines. Experimenting with a template will give your foresight into probable issues to look out for as you slowly customize your own calendar.

3.) High Quality Images.

Using high quality images is crucial for all calendar formats whether they be poster calendars or more traditional multipage calendars.  High quality images will help prevent any pixelation or blur in the final printed product.  At Guru Printers we are pride ourselves on creating photo-quality prints, so please make sure your original image uploads are high quality uncompressed image files or vector images in order to get the best results.

4.) Monitor Calibration. 

The color that appears on your screen will often times be quite different than the color you get after print.  To get as close of a match as possible you need to make sure your monitor is correctly calibrated.

Our printers use CMYK color.  Most monitors implement RGB color.  As a professional printing service we automatically account for this discrepancy when printing jobs but if your monitor is not calibrated correctly then the colors you see on your screen may not match the final print.

Here’s how to calibrate your monitor.

Calendar Printing

5.) How Will Your Calendar Be Used?

Throughout the design and printing phase for your calendar it’s essential to consider the various calendar layout types as fitted for your intended purpose. The most cost-effective calendars like small postcard size calendars are better suited for promotional giveaways at the checkout counter or trade shows since they serve the function of grabbing attention and engaging prospective clientele

Wall calendars or poster calendars are better suited for distribution to existing customers and clients.  They can function as a customer appreciation tool or even as a retail item all by themselves.

Guru Printer’s Calendar Printing Tips