At Guru Printers we like to be clear on turnaround times, especially for our customers who are on a tight deadline.

Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask about printing turnaround times:

Explanation of Printing Turnaround

Printing turnaround is the estimated amount of time it will take to complete a print job. This time estimate includes all facets from the actual printing to cutting, binding and other post-print processes.  Printing turnaround time will also include packing of your orders in preparation for shipping should your job require to be shipped.

We measure by business days when giving customers printing turnaround times. Please keep in mind that business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from our printing turnaround estimates.

Please take in mind that the turnaround estimate is based on the presumption that there are no unusual factors or circumstances during or after production.

  • Please Note: Shipping turnaround is a separate factor from Printing/Production turnaround.  Shipping turnaround is dependent on the courier.

Guru Printers Turnaround Times

At Guru Printers we offer fast and competitive production turnaround times.

We have 1-day, 2-day 4-day, and 6-day print turnaround options depending on the type of product/service you’re ordering.  Please note that multi-page and bound products have longer turnaround times due to the extra processing needed.

Single sheet products can generally be shipped within one day, single-sheet stickers and labels are also offered in a quick turnaround depending on the quantity and size.  For larger order please allow at least two business days due to the extra processing needed to produce them.

When Do You Start On My Order?

Production starts when:

  • All print-ready files are uploaded to our website and there are no issues with your original file.
  • Full payment is received

If requesting proofs, additional requirements need to be met:

  • The returned proof has to be approved online through the customer’s account or by email. Online proofs are available within one business day of purchase.
  • If requesting a hard copy, production starts when as soon as we receive your signed proof.

If you decide not to have your files proofed:

We get started as soon as your files are uploaded, and payments are made!  If your order is not in a rush, we strongly recommend our proofing service in order to ensure there are no errors in the final product.  By enlisting our proofing services, we make sure each file is manually inspected by one of our pre-press specialists.

Circumstances That Affect Turnaround Times

At Guru Printers we pride ourselves on competitive turnaround times and outstanding printing services.  While we try our best to continue offering the best services to our customers there are rare occasions in which we may not meet our turnaround estimates.  Circumstances that can affect turnaround are:

  • Unforeseen supply chain shortages, equipment failure, accidents, and inclement weather, are a few things that can negatively affect turnaround.

Printing turnaround is completely separate from shipping turnaround

Once ordered products are sent out for shipping, their safety and prompt delivery is the responsibility of the courier.

What Shipping Options are Available?

Our main courier is UPS.  We do not ship using customer accounts.

  • Ground Service – 1-5 days on-time delivery to mainland USA based on distance to destination
  • 2 Day Service – Guaranteed delivery by the end of the second business day to all 50 states
  • Overnight Service – Guaranteed delivery by the end of the next business day to all 50 states

How To Get Your Order Without Delay.

  • Know when turnaround period begins. 
  • Leave time for shipping and mailing. 
  • Respond to our follow up calls or emails should there be issues with your upload or payment.
  • Include weekends and holidays in your delivery estimates.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute. 

You Can Always Pick Up Your Order Too!

We Offer Curb Side Pickup!

Come visit us at our Arts District location for local curb side pickup.  Pick-up point is at 941 E. 2nd st., Los Angeles CA 90012.

Our office and curb side pickup is open Mondays through Fridays, 10am – 3pm.