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A current popular trend in the postcard world is foil designs. Foil gives postcards an elegant, classy look. Foil postcards have become very popular for wedding invitations, holiday cards, thank-you notes, and more! Read on to learn about how you can have attractive foil postcards printed and some of the ways you can use these postcards.

Customize Your Foil Postcards

When it comes to foil postcards, a variety of available options means that you can make your cards unique to you! First, decide if you want the cards to contain Myriad Foil or raised foil. Myriad Foil has a flat finish, while raised foil is slightly raised off the postcard so that it can be felt when touched. For best results, the foil should cover no more than 50% of the card. We also recommend using a solid color behind the foil mask. Any artwork placed beneath the mask will most likely not be visible. Another option is to get the postcards printed with Myriad. This allows a wide range of CMYK colors to be turned into multi-colored foils. Keep in mind that this option requires an Myriad mask along with a CMYK file when ordering.

When placing the order for a foil postcard, customers will pick the size of their postcard along with the foil color. Our standard offering of foil colors includes copper, silver, soft pink, hot pink, green, blue, red, and black. If you are interested in designing your own postcard, simply upload a PDF of your imagery for the front and back of the postcard. In addition, we have in-house graphic designers who can design the postcard for you if you prefer. All you have to do is send us the text, and we can come up with a beautifully designed foil postcard.

Uses for Foil Postcards

There are so many different uses for foil postcards. They can make any card look fancy and elegant. Here are 4 types of postcards that can be made with foil designs.

Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations

Foil postcards are extremely popular for save the dates and wedding invitations. The foil can be used many different ways, including matching the color theme of the wedding. For example, if your wedding colors are silver and blue, use silver foil on your invitations.

When it comes to using foil on wedding invitations, there are many options. Some couples choose to use foil for all the wording on the invitations. Others prefer to highlight certain areas with foil, such as the date or the names of the couple. Another great way to use foil on a wedding invitation is to put a simple foil monogram at the top of the invitation. This is a great way to have a distinctive minimalistic wedding invitation.

Shower Invites

Foil postcards are also great for baby and bridal shower invitations. For baby shower invites, it can be fun to use pink foil if the baby is going to be a girl or blue foil if the baby is going to be a boy. If you are using the postcards for a gender reveal party invitation, you could use both pink and blue foil to keep the guests guessing! For a bridal shower invite, keep the foil color in line with your wedding color. If you have foil on your wedding invitations, it can be fun to match that same color and style for your shower invites.

Thank-You Notes

There is no better way to say thank you than with a foil postcard! Foil is eye-catching and exciting, and people will be sure to read your beautiful thank-you note. If this is a wedding thank-you note, keep the foil color in line with the wedding colors or match whatever color you used for your wedding invitations. For any other type of thank-you note, have fun with the foil coloring and designs. For example, maybe you make your Christmas thank-you notes full of red and green foil this year! A fun idea for graduation gift thank-you notes is to use foil that matches your high school or college colors. When it comes to foil postcard thank-you notes, the options for being creative are endless!

Holiday Cards

This year, switch up your annual holiday card by sending out a foil postcard! You could make all the font on the card foil, or just choose to highlight the family name. Some families opt to add family photos to their holiday cards, and the foil text can go above and below the pictures. When it comes to holiday colors, you have a variety of options. Popular foil colors for holiday cards include red, green, silver, and gold.

Foil postcards have become very popular. The foil makes your card dazzling, classy, and elegant. Foil is eye-catching and can add a lot to a standard postcard. At Guru Printers, we have a variety of different options to help you customize your foil postcards. We are happy to use your designs, or our in-house designers can work with you to create the foil postcard of your dreams. From wedding invitations to thank-you notes, send out your postcards in style with foil accents. If you are interested in getting a foil postcard for your next card or invitation, contact Guru Printers today.