Word-of-mouth marketing and branding

Marketing Materials

Brand designs that are memorable, evocative and eye-catching are what can make your brand stand out among the others. From tote bags to stickers, your marketing items should convey the identity of your brand while giving your clients the feel that your business and its marketing tools were exclusively designed for them.

Choose a design that fits your business

Whether you are just beginning to design your logo or repurposing your old one, logos are a great way to deliver the essence of your brand across various marketing materials.  Some things to consider in designing for your brand are color pallets and fonts and how those elements work on the surface of various marketing materials like stickers, T-shirts and tote bags.  Your designs should grab the attention of anyone coming into contact with your brand. In designing a new logo or redoing an old one it will help you to consider such things because your customers will often be inspired to refer others if they are proud of your brand and its accompanying designs.

Provide “swag” to increase word of mouth

Providing free promotional merchandise also known as “swag”, such as tote bags or T-shirts can help increase word of mouth marketing.  If designed right they can help provide mass appeal not only to your customers who will be proud to wear your merchandise but also to onlookers and referrals. Logo design, color schemes, and fonts are three elements that when combined well can result in eye-catching and memorable impressions on any surface.  Keeping the display of your contact information subtle and simple is also key when it comes to free swag and promotional merchandise. Information such as your website, physical address or phone number can be printed on the corner of a tote bag or on the straps.  If you’re printing T-shirts you can putt any contact info in smaller font in comparison to your logo and featured design.

Customer loyalty spreads word of mouth

A great brand keeps people interested and engaged with your business. Impeccable design, top notch customer service, and great products are what make lasting impressions. After that impression has been made your customer loyalty often results in word-of-mouth marketing which is a sort of positive feedback loop. The more effort you put into your branding the more word of mouth marketing increases.


Here are some examples of the branding tools Guru Printers provides to help increase your word-of-mouth marketing:

Square business cards and rounded corner business cards. Stand out from the pack by giving your business cards a rounded edge.

Local Die Cut Sticker printing services. Your business name and logo go a long way in evoking brand awareness on this simple marketing tool.

Rack cards. A rack card is a great delivery tool for the services/product you provide.

Tote bags and T-shirts. Increase word-of-mouth marketing and brand visibility.