Tips on how to use your marketing material

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Choosing the right marketing material and its method of distribution is a simple and affordable strategy for small business owners in various industries.

Marketing materials can serve to remind customers of your business and provide all of the information they need to contact you. Furthermore, your marketing materials should provide some type of value to your customers as is the case with items like tote bags, magnets and pens. Even if you choose to hand out inexpensive marketing materials like a brochures or business cards a good idea would be to present a promotional offer or coupon to bring value to your customers.  Customer loyalty and brand awareness are key functions of selecting and distributing the right marketing material suited for your business.

Here are some examples of marketing materials:  Business cards, Brochures, Flyers, Stickers, Door hangers, Magnets, Pens, and Tote bags.

Purpose driven marketing materials

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Choosing the right marketing material depends on the purpose behind it.  Brochures are a great way to detail your services and products while promoting your brand.

The type of marketing medium that works best for you depends on the message you want to leave behind. Brochures serve to detail information about your services and pricing while providing ample space to present that information.

Another good marketing tool is a door hanger.  Best suited for real estate agents that go door knocking or home service providers like cleaners, contractors or plumbers.  Not only are door hangers great leave behind marketing materials after contact with a customer but they also serve as promotional tools to leave at the door of potential clients. 

Craft your marketing material to your needs

Tote bags

Whether you go with a brochure or a tote bag, your marketing material should evoke the essence of your brand. Brochures and flyers provide more space present information and deliver your message but even small things like stickers or pens can serve as great promotional tools by simply featuring your business name and logo.

Lastly make sure your marketing materials clearly display your contact information for existing and potential clients.  Your phone number, address and website are crucial bits of information to provide. 

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Distributing your marketing materials

Custom pens

Marketing materials are usually provided after a product or service has been provided.

But there are various ways you can choose to distribute your materials to existing customers as well as to potential clients.  You can provide customers with a pen or sticker after their purchase or scheduled service.   A tote bag with your logo on it’s surface can also serve as a method for distributing your other materials like flyers, brochures and business cards that detail your products, services, pricing and general brand.

If you want to inform existing or potential customers of any promotional offers or new changes to your business, you can do so by distributing door hangers or mail out flyers in a promotional campaign.  They will serve as great reminders about your business while making a lasting impression