There are a lot of ways you can invest in your business and help your marketing efforts grow. But pamphlet printing may not be one that comes directly to mind. Pamphlets are often associated with doctors’ waiting rooms and travel guides, after all. But a good pamphlet can help any company thrive and promote itself with ease. As long as you have the right design and the perfect printing partner, you can use pamphlets to increase your revenue and expand your business’ reach.

How to Use Pamphlet Printing for Your Business

If you aren’t a doctor or travel agent, you may be wondering exactly what good a pamphlet will do for your company. It’s true that pamphlets are meant to be educational and informative in nature. But they don’t have to be used strictly in that sense. And even if you do use them to provide information, they can help showcase anything you want to about your company. Here are some ways pamphlet printing can boost your business.

Distributing Pamphlets at Conferences

If you attend conferences or other events, chances are every person there is going to be getting a lot of information from a lot of different sources. And you want your source to be the one that stands out. Having a pamphlet ready to hand out that includes all of your information and ways your company is right for that client can help dramatically. Not only do you provide them with more information than a business card alone, but by allowing visitors to read pamphlets at their leisure, you save yourself the time spent on a long spiel so that you can focus your time and energy on more productive ventures.

Showcasing Past Events

If you’re trying to drum up business for a new event, such as a concert or fair, having some old accounts to work from can really help people decide if they want to support it or not. By putting images and testimonials about past events on a pamphlet, you can show off the fun or excitement people can expect at the new event. With the right images and spacing, you can create a visually pleasing pamphlet that informs viewers about the event and creates a sense of excitement surrounding it. 

Displaying Your Products

Sometimes, you’ll have more to sell than you can fit in your store or at an event table. But just because it’s not on display doesn’t mean you can’t sell those products. If you have a pamphlet nearby that details all the extra products not seen, you can sell more each day. By allowing visitors to leaf through and look at what else you have in stock, you also avoid time-wasting questions about variations on each product. A showcase of your items for sale in a pamphlet can be a savior at many smaller venues and events.

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How to Get Quality Pamphlet Printing

Pamphlets are a great way to boost your business and help support your promotional goals. But if you don’t get high-quality pamphlets, you might as well not have them at all. The quality of the items you hand out or put on display reflects on your business. And if your pamphlets are misprinted or discolored, people may be less likely to trust your company. Here are some tips on getting high-quality pamphlet printing for your business.

Find an Urban Printing Company

Finding the right printing company is key if you want to get high-quality pamphlets. An urban printing company has greater access to source materials and shipping options. This means you can get more options for paper stock and additional features. And with more shipping options, you can find a delivery choice that works for your budget and gets your pamphlets to your door on time. Because an urban printing company is located in a hub of travel, your order is less likely to be delayed due to inclement weather or other delivery issues.

Getting Your File Print-Ready

Even if you have a quality printing company to work with, there’s not much they can do if your file is not properly formatted. Poor formatting leads to the majority of misprints, which can easily be avoided by checking the following settings first.

  • Bleed – Include a ¼” bleed area around the design of each page in your pamphlet. This helps protect valuable information that could be lost due to the potential shifting that can occur during the cutting process.
  • Color Spectrum – Most image editing software defaults to the RGB (red, green, blue) color spectrum. But to make sure your pamphlets print in the right colors, be sure to switch this setting to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and print a test page to see if the hue/saturation is correct.
  • DPI – Your DPI (dots per inch) should be a minimum of 300 for each image that you use. The higher the number, the clearer your visuals will be. If you leave the number too low, your pamphlet could come out looking fuzzy and distorted.

Getting Design Help

Even if your settings are correct, you still need to have a good design to print. If you aren’t confident in your own design skills, it may be worth it to hire an expert for help. Many printing companies even offer in-house design assistance. They’ll take your images and ideas and help you create the perfect layout for your pamphlet.

Pamphlet Printing Services in Downtown Los Angeles

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