Creating books can be a great way to boost your promotional goals or increase profits. Using stunning hardcover books can help enhance how clients and customers view your business or brand. With perfect bind book printing, you can create professional books and booklets that can help perform a variety of functions for your company. From selling artwork to creating durable catalogs, hardcover books make an excellent addition to any industry or profession. As long as you take the time to ensure your book is properly formatted and designed properly, you can help boost your business.

Design Tips for Perfect Bind Book Printing

Designing your book will depend on what you’re using it for. If you’re making a catalog, for example, your layout and spacing will look different than if you’re selling a book of art prints. But no matter what you use your perfect bound book for, there are certain universal design tips you should follow to help ensure you get the best results. 

Maintain Brand Integrity

Whenever you run a company or business, it’s crucial that everything you make fits within your brand. If you don’t maintain brand integrity, it can be difficult to raise brand awareness. You may also miss out on extra sales or commissions if potential customers aren’t sure what products and services are yours. 

To maintain brand integrity with your books, you need to pay attention to the color scheme, font, and imagery. These should be relatively universal across all materials, especially those used for marketing and promotion. When you use the same font, colors, and images, viewers naturally begin to associate those with your brand, so in the future, they can easily trust your content.

Design the Spine

Unless your perfect bound book is only a few pages, you’ll want to make sure you don’t ignore the spine design. The spine of your book is crucial, especially if you plan to display your books on shelves. The spine should ideally have the name of your book (or a brief description, such as ‘summer 2024 catalog’) as well as your company name. If there’s enough room, you should also aim to include your company’s logo on the spine. These pieces of information can help ensure your product is professional and useful for your business.

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Consider the Competition

Knowing the latest publishing trends for what you’re trying to sell/promote can take a lot of work and research. But if you take the time to look into what other industry leaders are doing, you can get a better understanding of how you should design your own books for better results. While you can’t simply copy the designs of others, you can get inspiration for your designs. Knowing how other companies lay out their catalogs or organize their office manuals can help you ensure your design is optimized for the market.

Formatting Tips for Perfect Bind Book Printing

Even if you have the perfect design, you could still end up with a subpar product. Failure to properly format your book can lead to disastrous misprints. By taking the time to ensure your book is formatted properly, you can avoid blurry images, color distortions, and loss of valuable information on the pages. 

Double-Check Bleed Area

For most print jobs, you’ll need to include a ¼” bleed area around your design. During the printing and cutting, it’s possible for some shifting to occur. If you don’t include a bleed area, you may lose important information near the edge of your design. When printing books, however, there tends to be an additional bleed area needed, especially near the inside of the page. When the pages are bound together, it can create an overlap in the center that could cause a problem with reading/viewing. It’s crucial that you double-check your printer’s specific formatting guide to ensure you have the right bleed area for your pages. 

Check Cover Template/Design

Creating the cover for your book is almost as important as the inside content. Depending on how many pages your book has, for example, your spine will change in how wide it is. Some printers offer cover templates and designs you can simply edit with your information for a perfect finish. But if you want to create your own cover, it’s important that you communicate your needs to your printer. Getting the exact dimensions and details down for your cover design can help ensure your book looks as professional as possible. 

Check DPI and Color Spectrum

Some of the most common formatting errors come from an image editing software’s default settings. Most images are automatically optimized for on-screen use. However, if you tried to print these designs, they would look fuzzy and color-washed. To help prevent this, you need to make sure you double-check your DPI (dots per inch) and color spectrum settings. The DPI should be set to a minimum of 300 for good printing quality. The higher the DPI, the clearer the print. Your color spectrum is likely going to default to RGB. However, printers use CMYK instead. Swapping your formatting around is the best way to help ensure your design prints as perfectly as possible. 

Where to Get Perfect Bind Book Printing in Downtown Los Angeles

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