Booklets, brochures, and mini catalogs can all be effective ways to boost your marketing and help your business reach more clients. However, it’s not always cheap to provide perfect-bound books. Saddle stitch book printing provides an affordable way to create professional printed materials for your brand. This cost-effective booklet printing method has a host of advantages that make it a great option for any company on a budget. As long as your book is under 100 pages, you can benefit from using saddle stitch printing.

The Advantages of Saddle Stitch Book Printing

The saddle stitch printing method has long been used as a quick and cost-effective way to produce small booklet materials. But even though it’s quick and affordable, it still produces a professional product that’s perfect to use in any industry. If you want to show off your products in a catalog, provide a brochure of upcoming events, or put together a professional art portfolio, saddle stitching can help. 

Quicker Production

Saddle stitching tends to be a quicker process than perfect binding. With industry-standard machines that can cut wire, bend staples, and bind papers in a few seconds, printers can quickly put together a large order in just minutes. This means that saddle stitching is an ideal option when you need a professional product with a quick turnaround time. By using the saddle stitch printing method, you can create unique books that will boost your business without having to risk running out of time. 

Affordable Printing

Saddle stitch book printing is also a good option if you need professional products on a budget. Because the process requires fewer materials and less time to produce the books, it’s often more affordable. Bulk orders can help reduce costs even more, allowing you to create a full inventory of catalogs, brochures, and other booklets with a minimal cost per print. 


Printing books doesn’t just require natural resources for paper; it also requires paper glue. The excess use and waste of glue in perfect-bound printing can often lead to a less-than-eco-friendly product. However, saddle stitching requires no use of glue or other materials that could result in waste. Purchasing saddle stitch products can help you get the professional products you need with an eco-conscious mind.

Larger Design Space

Whenever you create any kind of print project, you need to include a bleed area around the main design. This is because the cutting process can sometimes cause shifting that leads to a small margin of error. However, when printing books, it’s even more important to leave a larger bleed area near the inside of the page. This is because the pages need room to stick more firmly at the center. 

saddle stitch book printing

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

When you use saddle stitch printing, this bleed area is considerably shorter than other printing methods. Because of the way the stables attach at the center of the pages, it’s easier to open the book wider without causing damage. This means you can create larger designs without the risk of losing important information within the crease. 


Saddle stitch is also a good choice for when you want to create something that’s pocket-sized. The smaller you get, the harder it can be to create a professional finish with perfect-bound printing. Saddle stitch allows you to customize the length and spacing of the stitches to ensure you have the right fit for any size of the booklet. Whether you’re creating custom mini planners or even miniature magazines, saddle stitch can help ensure you get a professional, high-quality product. 

Tips for Perfect Saddle Stitch Printing

Saddle stitch printing can be extremely beneficial, but only if you know how to design your product and where to get it printed. The right design with the right printer can help you create a perfect print that will boost your business or brand. 

Consider the Page Count

While any saddle stitch products can go up to 100 pages, prints tend to be more efficient the smaller the page count is. No matter what count you have, it’s crucial that it’s a multiple of four. If you have an odd number of pages, adding a blank page or three to the back of your product can help ensure you get the correct printing that you need. 

Find an Experienced Printer

Saddle stitching is a skill that requires some time and experience to master. Even with the help of stitching machines, your printer still needs to understand how saddle stitching works to provide a perfect product. So, make sure your chosen printer lists saddle stitching as one of their routine printing services. Taking the time to research printers ahead of time can help avoid costly misprints.

Prepare Your File

Common formatting issues with a print file can often lead to discoloration, blurry images, and loss of information. It’s crucial that you double-check common settings, such as the color spectrum and DPI, to ensure your file is optimized for printing. Your printer should be able to offer you a formatting guide with the specifics needed for your saddle stitch product. 

Where to Get Saddle Stitch Book Printing

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