When you think about ways to help improve your business or personal brand, bumper stickers may not immediately jump to the front of your mind. However, the right bumper sticker maker and an active promotional plan can save your business. Whether you’re spending too much money on advertising methods that aren’t working or you need some new content to push in your stores, bumper stickers are the way to go. You’d be surprised at how even one bumper sticker design can help carry your business forward.

Not Just for Bumpers

Yes, bumper stickers were designed to go on car bumpers, but there’s so much more you can do with them. While having a bumper sticker with your business info on a car is a great way to get widespread coverage, drivers and passengers aren’t always likely to take the time to look you up. But bumper stickers aren’t just for cars! By encouraging employees and customers/clients to utilize them in other locations, you help expand your promotional goals.

Notebooks and Laptops

People love decorating things, especially with other things they like. Laptops and notebooks are the most common locations where stickers wind up, and a bumper sticker is a sticker. While they’re larger than other stickers, they can still be utilized in the same locations. When a bumper sticker is on a laptop or notebook, there’s a greater chance someone will see it and have the time to look into it. Even better, with the owner of the object nearby, they’ll be available to answer questions and help talk up your business even more.


Bumper stickers can be attached to or placed against windows to attract the attention of passersby. Foot traffic is a great source of advertising that not many businesses capitalize on. By asking other nearby businesses to display a bumper sticker of yours in their window, you get more business, and you make important professional connections with other local owners. This helps you build a strong community while getting more people in your doors (or on your website).


Remember, not all promotional material needs to be strictly promotional. A unique design is guaranteed to capture people’s attention and get them interested. If you design a bumper sticker with art in mind, you and your customers/clients can use it as an art piece. Hanging bumper stickers up is a great way to personalize any space, and a unique design is sure to get visitors talking about it. Customers and clients are more likely to want to display bumper stickers that have a design they appreciate, and viewers are more likely to look into your business for the same reason.

So, while you can utilize bumper stickers to get a wide audience on a car’s bumper, you can also get a smaller but more invested audience with other locations. Placing bumper stickers on laptops, in windows, and up on walls can help you boost your business and build connections with both business owners and your customers/clients.

Getting the Most from Your Bumper Sticker Maker

With a variety of locations to place your stickers, you can vastly improve your profits and your marketing skills. But if you want people to buy or display your bumper stickers, they need to be designed well. And if you want viewers to find your business from that bumper sticker, you need to include your business information.


Designing a bumper sticker for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. When creating your bumper sticker, you want to keep in mind any other promotional material you already have. Maintaining brand integrity is important, so try to include color schemes and fonts that your business is already known for. If you have a mascot or artwork that people already know, try to capitalize on that and include it in your design. You want to make sure your bumper sticker is eye-catching, but try to avoid too much clutter. If you have more than one design idea, consider making multiple bumper stickers instead of trying to fit everything into one.


Making sure your business information is somewhere on your bumper sticker is crucial in helping your business goals. This could mean putting your business’ name in the design or including a link to your website at the bottom. With modern technologies available, you can also use a QR code to help direct people to your website. This can be particularly useful if you’re trying to promote a specific service or product with your bumper sticker, as you can send viewers directly to that page on your site. 

For Marketing and Sales

Bumper stickers are a great way to boost your marketing, but they also help support your bottom line. While you can give away bumper stickers to get some free publicity, you can also sell them in your store or office. Bumper stickers are easy and relatively cheap to make, and customers and clients love buying them. If you have a strong connection with your customers, they’ll want to support you. And there’s no better way than purchasing a bumper sticker that supports your business financially while also providing greater marketing efforts.

Downtown L.A. Bumper Sticker Maker

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