When it comes to marketing and promoting your business, there are a variety of printing services that can help. Business cards can make a stellar first impression, flyers can help reach a wider audience, and stickers provide a unique giveaway opportunity. But booklet printing can also be extremely beneficial when you know how to use it. With the right design and a high-quality print, booklets can boost your business in more ways than you might expect.

How Booklet Printing Can Help Your Business

Using booklets in the right situation can greatly increase your marketing efforts and help improve profits. While they can be slightly more costly than other marketing materials, they also tend to be more durable and widespread. Booklets can be left at other places of business or circulated among groups of visitors at a conference or event. And because they have more room and information than a simple brochure or banner, you can increase your reach and really show off your business. 

Booklets as a Catalog

If you offer a lot of products or services, it’s often convenient to have them all listed in one place. While you should have everything listed on your website, a physical copy of this information is also beneficial. When you have a booklet with photos and details about your business, you can attract more customers and clients. Visitors can look through the catalogs and take their time, leaving you free to answer questions or talk to other potential clients. You’ll save time from explaining everything in detail, and your customers can have easy access to everything they want to buy. 

Booklets as a Portfolio

If you’re an artist or do other visually creative projects, it’s also a good idea to have a portfolio readily available at a moment’s notice. And if you have a physical copy on hand, you can quickly and easily show off your skills whenever asked. Booklets can be printed in a variety of sizes and page counts, making them easy to carry around and hand out as needed. If you have your showcase portfolio on hand from the get-go, you can easily score more business deals and commissions than if you had to wait for someone to go online to find your art. Booklets can be a wonderful way to carry your passion with you for any surprise meetings.

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Booklets as Products

Booklets can have anything you want inside them, which means you can design them to make sellable products in your store. Some businesses take creative approaches to booklets that help increase their profits. For example, if you run a store that sells children’s books and toys, you could create an activity or coloring book and sell that as a booklet. If you are an artist, you can sell a collection of your artwork, with prints on one side and information about the piece on the other. Some companies and brands even collaborate to create products that customers of either industry will enjoy. By getting creative with your design, you can help boost your sales and increase your promotional efforts.

Booklets for Information or Training

Running a business can take a lot of work, and hiring new employees is usually time-consuming. Unique booklets can be a great way to help streamline the process. Your company booklet can have all the information a new hire would need, such as workplace policies and benefits information. It can contain helpful guides or cheat sheets for the job being done. For example, you could have a booklet for your new shipping manager that details how to format orders on a computer. Having these booklets to give new hires is a great way to give them a great head start so they can help boost your business.

How to Get High-Quality Booklet Printing

If you have the right design, you can use booklets to really help improve your business. But even if your design is perfect, you may still end up with a low-quality product. Finding the right printer and formatting your file properly is key to ensuring you get a high-quality booklet printing job.

Finding the Right Printer

There are plenty of printers that can offer booklets. But not every one of them will be good. To tell if a printer will be right for you, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Location: A printer that’s located in a centralized, urban setting will have increased product availability and shipping options.
  • Reviews: Online testimony can be a great way to see if a printer’s products are in good shape upon delivery and how their customer service is.
  • Products Offered: The wider the variety of printing products a company offers, the better they’ll be able to help you with future orders.

Formatting your File

If you don’t format your file properly, you’re likely to end up with a misprint. Your printer should have a full list of guidelines to follow to help ensure your file is print-ready. But here are the most common mistakes you want to avoid.

  • Leaving the color scheme set to RGB – It should be set to CMYK for a correct print.
  • Setting DPI under 300 – A higher DPI means crisper images and a clearer print.
  • Not including a ¼” bleed area – Shifting can occur during printing that may cut off important information if no bleed area is defined. 

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