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Booth Design for Tarte Cosmetics

Booth Design for Tarte Cosmetics Booth Design. Trade Show. Booth Setup. www.GuruPrinters.com

Printing Los Angeles

Printing is still very much a part of everyday life despite all the promises that we will have no need for printing as we entered the digital and online world where everything would be virtual and digital, even our abilities to sign and verify documents. The human need to hold something in their hands and […]

Printing Services

Printing services are still very much a part of business operations. It can be from printing documents for the office or to be sent out as advertising material. In-house on printers and photocopiers that you own or are leasing do some of this printing. However, your local printing partners do a lot of the printing. […]

Printing is Timeless

Printing is timeless, despite the world’s rapid movement into digital technologies. There’s still life in printing hardcopies of documents. In fact, it’s unlikely that the world will ever become fully digital. We cannot eliminate printing in all its formats as the human mind requires the reading of words and images printed. As humans, we still […]

Temporary Window Advertising

There are always times when a retail business requires store-specific advertising to mark a particular event or period. This advertising and marketing needs to be temporary and easily implemented, then removed. There are a number of options for temporary marketing and advertising. Some of which include banners and flyers, however, there is another option. One […]

Publishing your own book just became easy

Publishing books is no longer the sole domain of professional authors and photographers. With enhancements in the cost and technology of printing, the printing of books can now be achieved by anybody who has aspirations to put together a book of any sort. Many good printing stores now have the capacity to print books of […]

Custom Magnets

Moving Billboards Cars have been used for advertising ever since cars starting roaming the streets of American towns and cities. Thousands of companies and corporates have used their company cars or even the cars of private citizens, who are of course paid, to advertise their companies, their products or even events. This method of advertising […]

Personalize your car with magnets

Your car can be an expression of many things and not just through the type of car and not just on an individual level through customizing the power, parts and attributes of the car. A car can be an expression of who you are, what you believe or even your attitude through a customized look […]

Website Design LA

Grabbing Attention Website Design Los Angeles Your website is your store front or magazine cover. If you want people to come into the store or read what you have to say in your magazine, then you need to grab their attention. Website visitors are accustomed to choice and they are now making split-second decisions as […]

Custom Website Design Los Angeles

To stand out, your website must be unique Websites are fast becoming the most frequent destination for information, shopping and education. Having an online presence, no matter what industry you are in or what product or service you offer, is now obligatory. However it is not as simple as just having an online presence. Your […]

First Impressions Count

Reputation counts. Image counts. When you are in business whether it is your own or whether you are representing a company, your image, reputation and conduct are critical when meeting stakeholders, potential customers, current customers or anybody else potentially associated with the company for the first time. Depending on your business you will have a […]

Even small businesses need an online presence

Having a website for your business is obligatory, a no brainier. Consumers have largely entered the digital age, not just in their social lives and communication, but in almost every aspect of their lives from shopping through to information gathering. Bricks and mortar offices and locations have to be supplemented by an online presence as […]

CBS News Voted Guru “Best Print shops in..

Guru Printers voted one of the best print shops in Los Angeles! Thanks Los Angeles!

Printing on another level- 3D Printing

In the last couple of years printing has literally taken on a new dimension. Printing in two dimensions on a paper or other flat bases is now old news as 3D printing has rapidly become available to the masses as it has expanded out of R&D labs. 3D printing is very much a reality now […]

Enhance User Experience of your Website

The customer experience of your website is becoming more and more important as an increasing number of people move from window shopping and purchasing on the street or in malls to the internet. Just as a dirty store or chaotic offices put off potential clients from your business, a chaotic or difficult website user experience […]

Web Design Services – NOW ONLINE!

Your website is the new shop front. It attracts what used to be foot traffic and it is increasingly becoming the window to your products or services. A well designed website that shows off your products or services is now a critical element of your company or corporate image that can make or break the […]

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