Business cards are a great way to make a good first impression. Whether you’re out promoting your business or your personal brand, a business card in the right hands can lead to many opportunities. Local business card printing is the ideal way to get quality business cards printed quickly and delivered in a safe, timely manner. You could order business cards from anywhere in the world but ordering them from your own backyard improves the overall experience.

Shipping and Delivery

When ordering business cards, you have to worry about more than just having the perfect design. Getting your business cards printed is one thing, and making sure they arrive on time and in good condition is another. The further your printer is from your office or home, the more chance your business cards have of getting damaged in the shipping process. For every mile your package has to travel, your business cards could get squished, bent, or folded. And a damaged business card sends the wrong message to potential clients and business partners.

When you purchase local business cards, however, you can ensure safe and speedy delivery. Many local printing companies even allow a pick-up option. By picking up the business cards yourself, you take their safety into your own hands and can guarantee they arrive in excellent condition. Local business card printing is also the best way to ensure your cards arrive on time, especially if you are making a rush order. 

Community Support

Everyone loves to support local businesses. After all, the more business the companies in your community have, the more your town or city will flourish. And as a resident of said city or town, your overall life will improve. Ordering local business cards helps support your local printing companies. By placing your order, you help keep them in business so they can provide for you and other members of your community. Supporting local businesses is also a great way to meet potential business partners, building strong connections in your community that will boost your own business or brand. Printing business cards locally helps support your community while improving your own business goals.

Quick Turnaround

When printing business cards, having a speedy delivery is important, but there’s additional speed you can get from printing locally. Many businesses and brands will print a proof of their cards to ensure that the information is correct, the special additions are made properly, and there are no changes needed to the design. When you order your proof locally, you can get the sample card sooner and have a quicker turnaround time for fixing it. Because your printer is located so close by, you don’t have to wait the extra time for shipping things back and forth before landing on the perfect card design and print. You can more easily test out options and see how varying business cards look before making your final decision. This saves you time, allowing you to get your finalized business cards as soon as possible.

Local Business Card Printing Options

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Business cards are a necessity for most professionals. They’re traded back and forth and used to make notes, confirm contacts, and keep track of business transactions. If you don’t need anything more from your business cards, you can get a Glossy UV coated or Matte coated standard business card. The durable 16pt card stock will keep your business cards in top shape as you distribute your information.


Business cards are all about standing out and making a good impression. When handing out your business card, you want the receiver to be impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail. Premium business cards include professional finishes such as silk laminate, velvet, spot UV, and raised foil. They’re just as sturdy as the standard business cards but with additional flourishes that will help you stand out from the competition.


You don’t have to use standard 16pt card stock when making your business cards. Having a different weight and fill will help your business card stand out from the masses. Options for specialty business cards include:

  • 14pt natural (cream)
  • 14pt uncoated
  • 14pt pearl metallic
  • 18pt Kraft

Most of the specialty paper is thinner than the standard, but they’re guaranteed to make a great first impression. That can help you stand out from the crowd.


If you’re handing out business cards at a conference or other event, you have to worry about making sure they stay safe and in good condition while being carried around, stuffed in bags, and put in wallets filled with other cards. Plastic business cards are guaranteed to last longer than paper cards. They stand up to the common wear and tear a business card can face. With either opaque, clear, or frosted plastic, your business cards will make a good impression and are sure to be in perfect condition no matter how often they’re used.


If you want improved durability without the use of plastic, ultra-thick business cards are the perfect option. At either 22pt or 32pt, these business cards are durable and strong. And they offer the same professional feel as standard paper business cards. They also come with a few premium features themselves, such as painted edges. This helps them stand out even more from the competition.

Local Business Card Printing at Guru Printers

Guru Printers has proudly served the downtown Los Angeles area for over a decade. Our high-quality printing services have helped businesses and brands excel in their promotional goals. With local business card printing from Guru Printers, you get a high-quality print with expedited delivery or pick-up. To begin your order, you can browse our available business card options online. Or give us a call at (213) 513-2159 if you have any questions.