Having business cards is essential if you want to improve your business or personal brand. Being able to hand someone a card with all your information on it makes it much easier to gain new contacts and professional opportunities. Even if you aren’t attending a conference or event, carrying around glossy business card paper can help you take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. With the right design and printer, you can take your business card to the next level and boost your company.

Where to Get Glossy Business Card Paper

Getting your business cards printed is easier than ever these days. There are so many different printers available on the market that it can actually be hard to choose which one is right for you. But if you take the time to research the options and know what you want, you’ll be able to make the best choice and find glossy business card paper for your designs.


First and foremost, you should make sure you choose a business card printer that’s located in an advantageous location. Printers located in urban areas, such as downtown Los Angeles, are often a better option than those in more rural areas. This is mainly because shipping is easier and quicker in more populated places.

When you order from a printer in an urban setting, you have a wider variety of shipping options. They’ll have access to all the major shipping companies and maybe even some smaller ones as well. This allows you to find the perfect mix of speed and cost-effectiveness when choosing how to get your glossy business card paper delivered.

Urban-centered printers are also more likely to have the kind of paper you need in stock or can at least get it quickly. By being located in a city, there are more stores and supply locations readily available to them. This means your printers have more of what you need when you need it.


Checking the reviews of a printing company online is a great way to see the quality of their products. Anyone can make one good print of a product and take a fancy picture to post online. But that isn’t always an indication of what the real products look like. Many reviewers tend to post pictures of their orders along with their reviews. This way, you can get a good idea of what your actual business cards will look like once they arrive.

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Other Printing Services

Right now, you may just need glossy business card paper, but one day you may want other printed products. Businesses can get a lot of marketing and promotional use out of goods such as posters, banners, stickers, and flyers. If your chosen printing company only does business cards, then you’ll have to just repeat the whole process of finding a printer if you ever need anything else. Choosing a printer that has a variety of goods to offer, however, can help you save time in the future by knowing you have a company you can trust with your printing needs.

Designs for Glossy Business Card Paper

Having glossy business card paper can help you stand out and get noticed. But the material of your card is only half the battle. To really help your business or brand thrive, you’ll need to make sure your design stands out as well. After all, a business card is like a professional handshake; if yours doesn’t leave a good first impression, it could spell trouble down the line. There are three main methods for business card design.


Designing a business card by yourself is the most cost-effective option, but it’s also time-consuming. And unless you’ve had a lot of practice or can take the time to research general digital design techniques, you may not end up with a good look. When designing a card yourself, make sure you include all the necessary information, such as your contact number, the name of your company, and a link to your website or social media accounts.

Professional Hiring

Hiring a professional to design your business card is not as cost-effective, but it can create a stunning design that will catch people’s eyes. Working with a professional gives you some control over the process without making you put in too much time or effort. 

In-House Design

If you don’t want to design a card yourself and you don’t want to pay too much extra for help with the design, most printing companies offer services with their in-house designers. Because these designers are employees and not freelancers, you don’t often end up paying as much as you would for other designers. Despite the lower costs, the design work is often just as attractive. 

The main benefit of working with an in-house designer is that you don’t have to worry about the formatting being wrong. Because the designers know how their printers are set up and how they work, they can create a stunning design that will print and cut perfectly every time. Working with an in-house designer still allows you to have the final say in how your card looks, but with some added safety for future steps in the business card printing process.

Glossy Business Card Paper in Downtown Los Angeles

If you’re looking for glossy business card paper to help make your business card shine, look no further. Here at Guru Printers, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality printed products for clients in the downtown Los Angeles area and around the world. We offer quick, affordable, high-quality business cards that are sure to impress no matter where you go. We also have a team of dedicated in-house designers that are ready to help you take your business or brand to the next level. For your next order of glossy business card paper, you can use our simplified online ordering form. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, give us a call at (213) 513-6533 or send an email to [email protected].