The right business card is the best way to make a good first impression. When you hand someone your card, you’re giving them more than just the information written there. You’re telling them who you are, how you work, and what kind of business or brand you run. There are a lot of choices when it comes to business cards, and knowing which to choose can be tough. Between standard, specialty paper, and plastic business cards, there’s plenty to decide. Understanding the statement each gives out is key to determining which is right for you.

Plastic Business Cards

Although newer to the market, plastic business cards have already made a lasting impression on the business world. Plastic cards are more durable, which helps your business cards maintain their shape during travel. If you intend to take your business cards on the road and want some added protection, plastic is the way to go.

Clear Plastic Business Cards

Clear plastic business cards certainly make a memorable impression. Because most people opt for opaque options, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd with a clear card. The downside, however, is that clear cards don’t provide options for front and back printing. This means less space to work with for getting your message across. If you want to make a unique impression and don’t need the back side of a card, then clear plastic cards are a great option for you.

Frosted Plastic Business Cards

Frosted plastic business cards offer another level of style and sophistication to your cards. They’re transparent, like clear cards, so you won’t be able to use double-sided printing or writing. However, they have an added sheen that helps them stand out and look more professional than other plastic card options. When you hand someone a frosted business card, you’re telling them that you’re someone they want to work with.

White Plastic Business Cards

If you want the durability plastic business cards provide with the same benefits as paper cards, white plastic cards are for you. White cards help protect your information and design and allow printing or writing on both sides. They’re perfect to include with shipments and orders, as they’re more likely to stand up to the movements of delivery. White plastic business cards provide additional protection while still maintaining professionalism and style.

plastic business cards

Ultra-Thick Business Cards

Plastic isn’t the only way to add durability to your business cards. With ultra-thick paper options, you can protect your card while maintaining the classic business card style and feel. 22 and 32 pt paper thickness adds layers of durability while traveling. This keeps your cards in shape, even if they’re stuffed in a bag, shoved in a wallet, or tucked away in a pocket.

Specialty Paper Business Cards

While plastic business cards provide additional durability, specialty paper business cards help you express your unique style. A different paper feel will help your card stand out in a stack and get noticed. The type of specialty paper you choose also helps show off to the business world the kind of company or brand you represent.

Kraft Specialty Paper

When you print a business card on Kraft paper, you’re showing that your business or brand is environmentally friendly. These business cards are made from 100% recycled materials. You help protect the environment and showcase your responsibility to the world in which your company operates.

Linen Specialty Paper

Linen business cards provide a sense of class and sophistication. The fabric quality has a good feel when handled and will make a lasting impression on whoever holds it. Handing out linen business cards tells the world that you care about what you put forth and how your business or brand is perceived.

Pearl Metallic Specialty Paper

If you want added durability but don’t want plastic business cards, you can get pearl metallic business cards instead. Not only does the metallic finish help protect your cards, but the surface also promotes a unique style you can capitalize on. The shine of your business cards will stand out from the crowd and help you get more connections and clients than ever before.

Uncoated Specialty Paper

Not all business cards are just handing out one’s contact information. Many companies use business card printing for loyalty cards or appointment cards. And if you have a coated finish, writing or making notes on those cards can be tough. With uncoated business cards, you can easily write on the surface or make other notes and amendments whenever you need to.

Premium Business Cards

If you want a simple business card on standard paper, you can still get some style and flair with premium business cards. Premium business cards allow you to print with a matte, silk, or velvet finish that helps enhance the aesthetic of your business or brand. There are also additional options you can choose from that help enhance your business card, including:

  • Spot UV
  • Lamination
  • Foil
  • Stamped Foil
  • Raised Foil
  • Raised Spot UV

These add-ons help you draw attention to the most important part of your business card. By drawing the eye to them, you enhance your card and make a good impression on whoever you hand it to.

Plastic Business Card Printing with Guru Printers

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