There are many benefits of having a printing company you know and trust for your printed goods. Everything from stickers to posters to banners can help promote your business or brand and get you new clients and customers. But where your printer is located matters a great deal. A printing company near Los Angeles is going to outperform one located in the middle of nowhere. With access to more materials and better shipping options, urban locations are the perfect place for printing companies. If you aren’t using one, you’re missing out on all these benefits.

Shipping and Delivery

The shipping and delivery of your printed goods are highly important steps that are often overlooked by consumers. It doesn’t matter how good the quality of a print is if it gets messed up during shipping. Also, most printing companies don’t issue refunds or reprints if something is ruined during the delivery process. Having a printing company in an urban area helps ensure that your order is delivered quickly and safely.

Packing Materials

The right packing materials are needed for each different print job to ensure your order is safe during delivery. A printing company will need access to a variety of packaging materials such as rolled cardboard for posters, extra-large boxes for canvases and banners, and padded envelopes for additional protection of smaller prints. Improper packing methods often lead to bent corners, scratches, and other damages on otherwise perfectly printed orders.

With online shopping, a printing company can get anything they need within a few days. But if you have a rush order and your printer is located in a rural setting, they may not have the right materials to ship. And you shouldn’t have to wait for them to order the right packaging. An urban printer can more easily get to a physical store that stocks what they need. If you choose a rural printer, you may not get your order on time, or you may risk your prints getting ruined in transit.

Shipping Options

For as much charm as a rural setting provides, they often lack choices for shipping goods. Because there are more people and businesses in urban settings, delivery companies tend to focus primarily on those areas for service. As a result, a printing company near Los Angeles will have more shipping options outside of USPS, such as FedEx, UPS, and others. 

With additional shipping options, you have more options for how you want delivery to go. If you need a rush order, you’re more likely to get quick shipping, including one-day and even same-day delivery when you order from an urban printer. You also have a wider range of price options to choose from. So, if time isn’t a concern, you can pick a cheaper option that fits your budget.

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Community Support from a Printing Company Near Los Angeles

Although you may think that small towns are the only places where everyone knows their neighbor, cities make for great community partners. With more people around, there are more chances for someone to find and make a connection. When you shop in an urban setting, particularly a local urban setting, you get a small dose of that connection yourself. 

Urban printers are much more likely to want to help support other local businesses, especially small businesses. When you regularly order from an urban printing company, you’re forming a bond with them. Urban printers are more likely to reward their customers with discounts and other benefits when they make multiple purchases. By shopping with an urban printing company, you help support them while they support you.

Access to Materials

With global shortages in nearly every industry these days, it’s important to make sure your chosen printing company has access to the supplies you need. Each type of print you want to order has a variety of options for materials and finishes. For example, if you want postcards printed on 22 pt. paper, your printer needs to have that paper in stock or be able to get it easily.

As with finding the right shipping materials, an urban printer will have more options available to them for printing materials. In a city setting, there are physical stores all around them that likely stock what they are looking for. And even if they do have to order it, they’ll get priority in delivery because they’re located in such a populous area. If you have a specific material or finish in mind for your print, make sure you place an order with a printing company that has access to what you need.

Printing Company Near Los Angeles

A printing company in an urban setting has so much more to offer than one in a rural setting. The access to printing materials, shipping options, and community bonds make a printing company near Los Angeles the best option for your order. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Guru Printers is dedicated to providing high-quality prints to all of our customers. Whether you’re sending out save-the-date cards for your wedding, looking for a banner to promote your table at a conference, or need some business cards for your next venture, we’re here to help you. Our quality prints are always packed and shipped with care. As a result, they arrive on time at your door in one perfect piece. If you’re ready to boost your business, brand, or creative project, you can start by placing your order online. Or give us a call at (213) 371-9412 if you have any questions.