Getting quick and reliably printed materials is essential to running a successful business or brand. There are a lot of options out there that offer fast, safe delivery, but they can’t always be trusted. Local business card printing is the best way to ensure timely delivery with minimal to no damage during transit. If you choose to print locally, you get a better delivery experience with the knowledge that you’re helping to support local businesses and your community as well.

Why Local Business Card Printing is Best for Your Business

Getting your business cards printed locally is ideal for a number of reasons. You can support your community, ensure quick and safe delivery, and develop important business connections. Local printers have the same equipment as other, bigger printing companies and often offer a personalized touch that makes each order a pleasant experience. It’s important to consider each of the following factors of an order, especially when printing materials for your business or brand. 

Order Process

Placing an order for printed materials can be a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process. If you have the design for your business cards already made up, you’ll need to upload your files with your order and hope that the right file is printed for your company. Local printers pay extra attention to each file upload and order number. You’re not just one of a couple thousand they get each day. Your order is treated with more care and respect, ensuring that everything comes out properly.


Printing materials can be a bit risky. There’s a lot that can go wrong in translation between a digital file and a printed object. A local printer will be more dedicated to helping you create the perfect product the first time around. If they notice that there’s something wrong with your file or format (such as using RGB coloration instead of CMYK), they’ll be more likely to reach out to you and confirm your choices before printing. And because they’re local, you can have them print a physical proof and go down to check on it yourself rather than waiting for it to arrive in the mail before you can make any changes.


Getting a perfectly printed object is only half the battle. You also need to make sure it arrives safely at your door when you need it. Ordering from across the nation or another country adds more risk to the delivery process. With each additional mile your order has to travel, that’s another bend, scrape, or tear that your business cards could suffer. 

local business card printing

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Printing business cards locally, however, is a great way to prevent these risks. By being located closer to you, you not only get a quicker delivery time, but you can also expect less damage during the shipping process. And just like you can check on a physical proof in person, you can also pick up your order as well. This is perfect if your home or business is located near the printer. You can take the safety and well-being of your order into your own hands and ensure each item arrives at your door in perfect condition.


The more you work with a company – any company – the stronger that connection becomes. But if you are ordering from a larger, international printing company, you won’t be as noticeable to them as they are to you. Local printing companies are more likely to remember you and your business, building a professional connection that helps both businesses grow. When you shop at a local printer, they get more orders from you, and you get their loyalty and extra attention. Many local businesses even offer professional courtesies or loyalty discounts to other area businesses that support them.

Plus, when you make a business connection with one company, you can often learn about other companies as well. You’ll get to hear about what other businesses your printer works with and may even find that they’ll give out your information to others who stop in. You’ll both find yourself getting more business and building a professional relationship that will grow stronger with each order made.

Community Support

Shopping locally supports all parts of your community. Each business that works together ends up supporting all businesses in the chain. For many, local business card printing isn’t just about getting quick, high-quality business cards. It’s also about making connections and supporting other local businesses. When you support those businesses, you also support your community, which in turn supports your own business or brand. 

Where to Find Local Business Card Printing

If you want to get high-quality business cards that are delivered quickly and efficiently, then shop local. Guru Printers is conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles, and we offer both safe delivery methods and order pick-up. We’re dedicated to supporting businesses, brands, and every type of creative project for those in and around our community. Local business card printing doesn’t just help your business grow; it also supports the community where your business is located. If you want to support your neighborhood, get high-quality prints, and build a professional relationship with a printing company, start placing an order through our website today. You can also give us a call at (213) 513-2159 if you have any questions or want to know more about how printing locally helps everyone involved.