Important Things to Include in Your Business Flyer

Creating a flyer is still a great way to advertise your business or event. Versatile and with many distribution options, an eye-catching paper marketing piece can attractively inform potential and existing customers. What should you include on your next flyer? It is important that you get the most important information without overwhelming the look. Here are some things to include in your next business flyer.

A Bold Headline

Why should someone pay attention to your flyer? Why now? How are you setting up what he is about to read in order to compel him to read further? Is it an upcoming event or sale? Having a bold headline will draw your reader in and make him want to see what all it is you are offering. Take some time to think through the most compelling piece of information you have and make that the focal point.


Whether it’s a design or photography choice, make sure your design is pleasant to look at. You want to draw people into reading the information, not turn them away. A few things that can affect readability are poor design choices, color choices, font size, and amount of information. You want reading your flyer to be as effortless as possible. Find examples of marketing materials that you like and incorporate some of those ideas into your own flyer. You may want to hire a graphic designer to help you lay out your marketing piece.

Enticing Offer

Why should someone read your flyer? What are you offering? Is it a sale or a grand opening? Offer something back to the customer. If it’s a sale, declare the flyer to be a coupon where the customer can get a certain amount off his order. If it’s an event, why would people want to come to your event? Make sure that you clearly spell out what is in it for the customers if they take you up on your offer to come to your store or event.

Who is This?

Do not forget to include identifying information. It’s amazing how often flyers lack key information, so remember to answer the obvious questions like, “What’s the name of your business?” “Where are you located?” and “How can the customer find you?” Including all the necessary information on a flyer while also creating as little effort as possible for the customer is the sweet spot you want.

Social Media Connections

How can customers find you online? Make sure to include your social media information. That way, customers can get more information online. Additionally, if you are running out of space, the social media handles are great places to house additional information. Make sure the information is easy to find, however, and don’t make people hunt for them.

Links and Visuals

If you are distributing this flyer online and in print, make sure you include both links and visual social media information. Having links save a lot of space, but when you print out the information and hand it to someone, it’s not helpful to include lines like, “Click here for more information.” Make sure you have two versions of your flyer if you intend to distribute both digitally and through print.

Flyers are wonderful, eye-catching ways to tell people about your event or business. Make sure you carefully plan the best use of your flyer so as not to overwhelm or turn off customers. A well-crafted flyer can draw more people to your business if you design it carefully and offer something enticing to the customer.