Branding Your Business


Branding is about repetition and consistency within the context or promoting your small business. The look of your logo, your message and the design of those elements need look consistent across all your marketing materials as well as your website. By doing so your brand identity forms a unique identity and aesthetic that becomes instantly recognizable to your clients. At Guru Printers we’ve listed some things to take into consideration when creating or updating the look of your brand. 

Create a logo that is flexible

When creating your logo, consider the marketing materials, products and/or website it will appear on.  Your logo is what customers will recognize immediately and associate with your brand.  Ask yourself if your logo will work well on your website as well as on your business card, stickers or postcards.  Often times keeping your logo simple makes for great flexibility.  However simple should not be associated with boring.  You want a look that translates well through all your marketing materials. The logo fonts and typography are some key elements in helping it stand-out.  Other design elements like your logos color and the background it is appearing on will also aid in the boldness of your message whilst keeping simplicity in mind.

Your color palette in branding

Picking the right color palette to use in your logo and marketing material all depends on the identity of your brand and nature of your business.  Whether you are a artisanal chocolate business or a deep massage service provider, picking the right colors to feature throughout all your marketing materials helps form your brand identity.  It can be as simple as two color or a palette of three to five hues that will offer you flexibility throughout your various marketing materials while carrying a consistent brand identity. Below are some pictorial examples of how brands can use a varying yet simple color palette through their marketing materials.

A versatile yet consistent brand identity

Customers should be able to recognize your brand immediately upon encountering your physical and electronic marketing material. A design that has a continuous and consistent look across your offline and online materials can really help customers and potential clients recognize your brand’s identity. Materials like stickers, business cards, and postcards make your brand memorable offline. That same thematic look should be carried online onto your website and social media profiles to instill your brand’s identity through logo design, color palettes and cohesive messaging.

Guru Printers Tip:

It helps to base your website’s design on your logo.  The fonts, colors, and design in various pages of your site can be informed by the look and feel of your logo.

Marketing material sampler pack

Here’s a sample list of just a few of many marketing materials we can bring your unique brand identity on.

  1. Business cards.  Square or rounded corner business cards Go with a shape as unique as your business.
  2. Postcards. Postcard are great for offering special promotions and discounts in mailout campaigns or at checkout.
  3. Flyers. Given their larger size flyers are great for including more space for messaging and elements that evoke your brand’s identity
  4. Stickers & labels. Offered in a variety of unique shapes and sizes, these are great additions to your marketing tools.