Custom car magnets are an accessible way to tell people about your business everywhere you go! Whether you’re driving to and from gigs or just around your hometown, custom car magnets get your information in front of potential customers daily. Plus, once you have them, the passive advertising continues indefinitely. Re-exposure and satisfying instant curiosity is a great way to make sales!

Community Services by Community Members

The businesses that benefit the most from custom car magnets are businesses that rely on a certain location to get business. You’re not going to be selling a house on the other side of the country, and you wouldn’t drive twenty hours to cater a party (under most circumstances). You live and work in one community, and being out and about with your advertising is a great way to reach those community members.

Advertisements are interesting. They draw our eyes. If you get an eye-catching (but brand-worthy) custom car magnet, people in your area are going to notice it. Over time, they’re going to see it more and more and it will stick in their mind. The next time they’re thinking “Wow, I need a custom cake,” they’re going to think of that van they see everywhere with “Custom Cakes By Entrepreneur” on the side. You build brand recognition and loyalty through familiarity, and that turns into sales.

At a Glance Information

Whether you’re selling a building, doing a house call, or are responsible for the delicious smells wafting out of a party, you want anyone curious about your business to have that information right away. If someone is walking or driving by an open house, they may not have time to chat. They could have time to snap a picture or jot down your information. “I’d also like to buy a house” is a thought that just needs a nudge–like easy to see information–to become actionable. If the neighbors are drawn to the sounds of construction work in the backyard, having your name out there will let them know who to call so they can keep up with the neighbors.

Passive Advertising

Once you’ve gotten custom car magnets, you’ll have a gift that keeps on giving. Business cards and pamphlets run out, but a custom car magnet lasts a long time. Take proper care of it and you could still be benefitting from its advertising power years after you purchase it. Like word of mouth, passive advertising is the best way to get your business out there.

Custom car magnets are gifts that keep on giving. Buy once and use them for years! Get your information into your community. When people think of your service in your area, they’ll think of you. A quick phone pic is all it takes to turn curious people into new customers.