How to pick the right label and design for your product. 

Labels are a cost effective way to add character and a professional edge to your packaging and products.  At Guru Printers we’ve created a guide to help decide the best shape, size and finish for your unique label.

Here are some things to consider before you print your label. 

  1. Contents of your label.
  2. Label size.
  3. Label shape.
  4. Label finish.

What to add to roll labels

Contents of your label

Firstly, you need to decide what information will be presented on your label’s surface. The contents of your label is dependent on whether it is for a product, shipping package or product packaging.     

Labels for products

Your logo and product information should be the focus if the label is intended to be placed on your products. The name of the product in addition to any information regarding directions on how to use, flavor or ingredients.

Labels for shipping

Shipping labels need to include your logo and business address. This makes an impression on your customers by conveying your brand on all mail out marketing material.

Labels for packaging

Labels for packaging can help add a professional touch to your products by simply featuring your business name or logo. In order to make the look of your packaging complete you want to ensure that your label’s design harmonizes well with the look or design of your packaging.

Label size

For shipping or packaging labels, go with a smaller size to complement your mail out material or small packaging. You can simply include your logo and business address on Return address labels to raise brand awareness in a subtle way.

Product labels, need to be larger to in order for customers to be able to easily read its contents.  However, just how large your product label needs to be depends on the size of your products.  For example, a label for a bag of artisanal chocolates might be larger than a description label on scented candles. 

Larger logos or extensive product information might require larger labels.  Measure the size of your product packaging in order to help your decide the label size best fit for your product.

Label shape

It’s best practice to have the shape of your label fit the aesthetic of your brand or product.  Your label shape should complement your design and logo.  Usually rectangular or square shapes will give you optimum space to deliver the message of your brand.  You can also go with a oval or circle shaped label if you find that it’s a better fit for highlighting your design.

Label finish

The material type and finish of your label is also another factor to consider. Just as is the case with shape and size, the finish of your label should complement your brand aesthetic.  Below are some factors to consider in choosing a finish.

Ornamental finishes

Select a transparent label if you want your product to show through the label. A good example would be plastic or glass containers that reveal what’s inside your package.  Another option is gold or silver foil finishes that add elegance to your packaging and products.

Water-resistant finishes

A plastic label is best for when your product needs to be stored in the refrigerator or if it will come into contact with water.  Another good example is body products or bath products that will be stored in the shower or near running water. 

Finishes for dry surfaces.

Paper labels are the most popular and inexpensive option for paper bags, boxes or other dry surfaces that will not be coming into contact with water. 

Label quantity

The quantity of labels your print depends on how your will be using them.  At Guru Printers we offer different formats to fit your needs.  .

Sticker labels

Sticker labels are a great choice if your are using them at events for giveaway material.  We offer large quantity batches that are best suited for handing out your marketing material at events like grand openings, conventions and trade shows

Sheet labels

Sheet labels are cost effective option if you want lower quantities because you are a new business and are testing out the waters. We offer them in various sizes and shapes.

Roll labels

Like stickers, another high quantity option for you are roll labels. They are budget friendly and come in a variety of shapes.  Also, because they come rolled around a tube they are very easy to store.

Label design

Keep it simple by only providing essential information and decreasing word clutter to make your label easy to read.  A large font will also help in this matter.

They type of label shape you use depends on the design of your label and its contents like your logo and information.