Custom wall stickers are a great way to decorate without having to damage the walls with nails. At Guru Printers, we can create high-quality custom wall stickers based on any design you send us. Wall stickers are perfect for classrooms, college dorms, baby nurseries, and everything in between! You can design your own sticker and upload the image, or you can have one of our expert designers help you create exactly what you are looking for. Read on to learn more about how you can use wall stickers to elevate your décor.

Kid’s Room

A kid’s room is the perfect spot to use wall stickers. Kids love color, and they also love to show off their interests. Instead of buying a bunch of posters or pictures of outer space, why not get wall stickers and display an entire outer space mural of stickers? Talk to your child about their interests and then go from there. Allow them to help you find the sticker artwork they love and then send it over to us at Guru Printers so we can make their dream a reality. Once they are printed, simply stick them on the wall (maybe even let your kid help!) and their room will be transformed into a magical place. Here are some sticker themes kids love:

  • Princess
  • Ocean
  • Dinosaurs
  • Flower
  • Cars
  • Forest
  • Safari
  • Desert
  • Trains


The classroom is another great place to hang custom wall stickers. Decorating a classroom is an important task for a teacher. How they decorate the space directly affects how safe, motivated, and creative the kids will feel while in their classroom. Pick a theme and go with it! For example, maybe your theme is tropical island. Get stickers of palm trees, beaches, umbrellas, suns, and tropical flowers to hang on the classroom walls.

In addition, we can make any signs you need for your classroom customized to your theme. For example, your bathroom sign can be transformed to include bright tropical colors with palm trees around the border. Decide you want a new theme next year? Have no fear – these stickers are easy to peel off and replace.


Store owners understand how important signage is to their sales and the overall flow of their store. Examples of signs typically found in a store could include bathroom, opened/closed signage, a store hours sign, women’s apparel, men’s apparel, accessories, bed & bath, etc. Instead of drilling holes everywhere and hanging up physical signs, why not get a bunch of custom stickers? These are easy to put up and take down and will create a cohesive look for the store. In today’s world with the global pandemic, store owners are adding updated signage to keep employees and customers safe. Getting stickers that say things like “wear a mask” or “stay 6 feet apart” or “curbside pickup available” can help customers understand what they need to do to be safe. Send us your ideas for store sticker signage, and we can get your customer wall stickers printed in no time.

Baby Nursery

A baby nursery is another perfect spot to put up wall stickers. Transform the space from boring to fabulous with large wall murals. From flowers to animals to hot air balloons, the options are endless. If your nursery has a color theme, implement that in your custom wall stickers as well. Another fun option for a baby room is to put up letter wall stickers that spell out the baby’s name.

College Dorm

College dorms are tiny, but that is no reason not to decorate the walls! Custom stickers are a great way to spruce up a dorm room since it is impossible to hang up pictures with the traditional nail and hammer method. Custom stickers also help college kids establish their identity and home away from home. Popular college dorm sticker options are school logos, college sports team logos, and motivational quotes. Send in your kid’s desired stickers before they head off to college so that they will be ready to decorate as soon as they get to their dorm.

Man Cave

Men love to watch their sports, and it’s even better when they have a “man cave” dedicated to their sports watching. A man cave is the perfect place to decorate with wall stickers. You can get custom stickers made for each of your man’s favorite teams. Surprise him by decorating his man cave. He will be so excited to show his team pride through his new wall stickers.

At Guru Printers, we specialize in printing everything from wedding invitations to marketing materials to custom wall stickers. The process is simple. Fill out our custom form where you upload the image you want on the sticker and other necessary information about your order. We also have a team of designers who can help you create your custom stickers if needed. Our pricing is affordable, and our turnaround time is speedy. Customers have the option of picking up their stickers at our Arts District or Downtown locations or getting the stickers shipped to their house. As a way to maintain safety, we are doing contactless pickup.

Custom wall stickers are such a fun thing to buy and decorate with. From classrooms to your husband’s man cave, there is truly a wall sticker for everyone! These stickers are easy to put up and take down and they add to the décor of any room they are in. At Guru Printers, we take pride in our high-quality prints that look great and don’t deteriorate over time. For more information about how to decorate with custom wall stickers and how to order them, contact Guru Printers today. We look forward to helping you with your next project!