Trade shows giveaways tips

Promotional Item Printing

You can still stand out from other competing businesses by giving away low cost promotional items at trade shows and conventions.   At Guru Printers we’ve compiled a list of often seen promotional items at trade shows.  Below we will explain the benefits of each. 

  • Stickers 
  • Tote bags
  • T-shirts
  • Power banks 
  • Luggage tags 
  • Mugs and pens

Stickers: There’s no better way to leave a good impression than the low cost option of stickers.  Add your logo to the surface, print them and let them bedazzle or accompany your other promo items or packaging for your goods.

Tote-ally practical 

A tote bag is a very practical promo item that can also serve as an, alternative to bland plastic bags. Trade show attendees can store other goods in them as they walk around promoting your business.  You can also add your stickers, business cards, brochures and flyers inside the tote bag to increase your marketing.   

The fun factor 

Promote your brand with fashionable items that feature your logo with every use. 


  • T-shirts: One of the most popular trade show giveaways, t-shirts are a memorable way to remind potential clientele about your brand as an item they can wear for a long time.  You can opt to print your logo on a colored t-shirt and offer two colors to your trade show attendees while standing out among the competition.
  • Can coolers: Just in time for the summer, can coolers are a unique way to promote your brand while offering attendees a practical item they can use at the show and after. 

Check out our Guru Printers promotional products page and choose the best option for your business and budget.

Let them take you with them.

A great number of trade show attendees are traveling from out of town.  What better way to promote your brand than with promotional items made for travelers?

  • Power banks: On-the-go chargers are great for featuring your logo while offering attendees something they can charge their phones with.  A modern and practical idea that is welcomed at most events. 
  • Luggage tags: Your trade show attendees will likely be going to an airport soon after.  There’s no better way to create brand awareness at the airport than by printing your logo on luggage tags while helping your potential clientele identify their luggage.  

Stick with the hits

Some of the most identifiable promotional giveaway items are pens and quality custom mugs.  Just because they’ve been in use for while within trade shows does not mean they are still not a welcomed gift to your attendees.  Print your company’s logo and tag line on mugs to remind them of your brand the next time they pour a cup of coffee.  Go with a pen if you want something less bulky that attendees can store in their pocket or tote bags.

 Trade shows help increase awareness about your business and deliver your brand’s message to attendees. Contact Guru Printers for a list of our promotional products and let us help you choose an option that fits your brand’s identity while keeping the cost low.