You have a special event coming up, and you need to let everyone know so they can make plans ahead of time.  Most people send a postcard in the mail as the standard way to let someone know that they should keep a certain date open, especially if it’s a year or more in advance. While it gets the job done, it’s not always the best way to go do it. Your special day is unique, and you should have  “save the date” options as unique as you are. With our “save the date options” your day will not be forgotten, and the festive feeling can get started early!

1. Magnet notifications

Magnet notifications are growing in popularity. The idea is that the magnetic, sticky save the date options stay at the front of the recipient’s mind long after the wedding is over. Magnets can hang on the fridge or a notice/mood board for a long time. They’ll be right there every time you get a snack or plan your dates. Plus, they’re a little sturdier than a postcard!

2. Sticker prints

A sticker booklet is a fun way to let people the save the date again and again. Unlike other save the date options, stickers let you choose a variety of designs. You can send a small pack of five or six stickers per invite. The recipients could apply the stickers to multiple calendars, or a photo album, or something else. The creativity is limited only by their imagination, and your sticker collection. You can choose multiple photos or a simple text to remind them that that date is going down in history as the best day ever.

3. Custom buttons

Custom buttons are a bold statement. Not everyone wants to give people the chance to wear their special day on their clothes. If you’re a creative person with a creative community, however, it can be a great way to let everyone rock your wedding date in style. Make the button a unifying accessory at the wedding. Who uses them as jewelry? Who pins them to frock or lapel? Just be sure that you order a few more than you need. You know that creative people in a rush are going to forget one or two at home!

Save the date options are plentiful with Guru Printers. While a standard postcard works for some, there are so many options for you. If you’re creative and into fashion (and so is your circle), then opt for a custom button that declares the permanence of your affections. Sticker prints let you send out multiple reminders for multiple surfaces. Even a magnet is more permanent than a postcard!