While a page of text is highly informative, there’s something uniquely engaging about small, printed things that make a big statement. Their advertising potential comes from customer engagement rather than raw information. From the moment customers encounter these little printed things, they develop a unique and lasting impression of your business.

People Touch Buttons and Stickers

The most important advantage of little printed things comes from the fact that they are more likely to be touched. Potential customers passing by convention booths or office desks see a greater appeal in something like a button or a sticker than a stack of papers. Small items demand to be touched, and they come with fewer implied strings attached. The moment a potential customer comes into contact with your small, printed item, the chances of that customer carrying home your advertising increases dramatically.

Buttons have a purpose. Potential customers pick them up to pin on bags, lapels, or backpacks. Users peel stickers off their papers and stick them on papers, binders, or a child’s hand. The tactile interaction sets these types of printed media in a special category all their own.

Little Printed Things are Easier to Take Away

Taking away a full flyer or informational brochure feels like a commitment, even if the potential customer isn’t particularly interested in your product. Small, printed items, however, easily find their way into or onto your potential client’s bag. Door hangers in hotel rooms, for instance, feel like local recommendations. Potential customers have to remove them from the door, take them inside, and at the very least, set them somewhere fairly conspicuous. The size of advertising materials matters, too.  The smaller something is, the easier it is to put in a bag.

It’s a very simple way to get your message inside visitor’s hotel rooms. Once your ad is inside, potential customers will see your food ad sitting on the desk when they’re hungry, or see the door hanger on top of the television when they’re bored. Small things’ portability makes them easy to share with your target customer, and anyone they come into contact with.

Little Items Can Be More than Ads

An advertisement can be a memorable type of service. The busy parent remembers who gave their kid a sticker to amuse themselves with. A collected button is tied forever to the experience of choosing it at your business or booth. Although many small, printed things like door hangers serve primarily as ads, they can take on a new life by offering the customer a service rather than merely a recommendation. Any of these items can be fun. Remember, even if your advertisement plays a secondary role to the printed item’s function, chances are that your customer will remember you. Why? Everyone remembers a fun time.

Your advertising form goes a long way. More importantly, small items are almost always more memorable than simple sheets of information. While it’s important to have further information available for those who want it, brochures are not the best hooks for curious browsers. Small items offer physical engagement and simple fun for your new, potential customers. These customers remember the experience with your ad materials fairly easily, which is the ultimate point of advertising.