Yes, it is only October but time is flying and Christmas Day is only 10 weeks away!  It will not be long before the holidays are here and then we will be welcoming 2017.  Therefore, it is time to start thinking about gifts.

Family, friends, and co-workers are pretty much the standard on anyone’s gift list.  However, if you are a business owner or manager, you need to think about the people who keep your company profitable all year – your customers.  Giving a holiday gift to a customer demonstrates that you appreciate their business.  It makes a customer feel valued and important.  It is also a great strategic move for your business because customers who feel appreciated will return.

First Things First

 If you are sending greeting cards for the holiday season, the following tips will help ensure you (and your business) are remembered fondly:

  1. Greeting cards should be sent so that they arrive in mid-December. Keep in mind the post offices are busier than normal this time of year, so you need to allow for extra mailing time.
  2. Never, ever send an electronic greeting card (e-card). It is impersonal and unprofessional.  As it takes very little effort to send an e-card, your customers will feel as if they are worth very little.
  3. Sign the card yourself. Greeting cards from businesses are usually printed with the business name, and that is perfectly acceptable; however, under your company’s name on the card, you – as the owner or manager – need to sign it.  A simple note such as, “Thanks for your business, John Doe,” is extremely meaningful to the recipient.

Greeting cards are a gesture of kindness, goodwill, and appreciation in the business world.  Order yours early so you have plenty of time to get them signed and mailed.

Gift Ideas

When considering gifts for your customers, you are actually doing two different things.  First, you are saying thank you and showing your appreciation for their business.  Secondly, you are offering a constant reminder of your business.

Almost everyone drinks coffee and that is why custom coffee mugs are always a great business gift.  Every time a customer picks up their coffee mug, they are picking up your business logo or advertisement.  It is a win-win situation.

Notepads make another very useful gift.  Every office has notepads in just about every room.  You never know when something needs to be jotted down.  A notepad with your company’s logo is constantly in use and serves as a reminder of your business as well as the generosity of the gift.

A fantastic gift for customers is a custom tote bag.  Eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to carry tote bags will come in handy for many years.  Whether they are used for a convention, a grocery store trip, a book bag, or any of the other thousands of tote bag uses, every single time the tote bag is picked up, your logo is seen.  Not only is it seen by the carrier of the tote bag, it is also noticed by every person they come in contact with.  That, my friends, is effective advertising!

Be Professional

Gifts for your customers should be professional, well-made, quality products.  The fact that you thought of your customer by giving them a tote bag will not last long if the tote bag rips on the first use.  At Guru Printers, we offer high-quality products, low prices, and outstanding customer service.  Family-owned and operated, we custom print all of the above-mentioned products as well as bookmarks, custom buttons, hang tags, and more at a price you can afford!  Call us at (213)612-4451 for all of your gift-giving needs.  We will be more than happy to help you thank your customers this holiday season.