Car magnets may just be the most effective way to market your business or promote your product.  People are not always on the internet, they do not always read ads or flyers, and billboards get bypassed quickly.  Using a car magnet on your vehicle guarantees marketing exposure wherever you drive or even park your vehicle. This article discusses some of the benefits of using car magnets for mobile marketing.


Exposure is certainly the #1 advantage of car magnets for mobile marketing.  No matter where you drive, you will have exposure.  Whether you are picking the kids up from school, driving to a business meeting, or stopped at a traffic light, people look at other vehicles.  Simply by going about your daily life with a magnet (or two) on your car, you are getting new exposure every time you drive. Your car magnet is basically doing all the advertising legwork for you.

Design Versatility

Available for manufacturing in any shape or size, car magnets can be the size of a bumper sticker or designed to fit on the side of an SUV. At Guru Printers, we offer fully customizable car magnets in many different sizes, colors, images, and fonts.  Stuck on the design?  We help with that, too!


Perfect for self-employed individuals or businesses with a low marketing budget, car magnets are affordable and last for many years.  If designed with your logo and business information, there is really no need to regularly replace the magnet unless you are switching it to a promotional magnet.  If you need car magnets for a specific marketing campaign or advertisement, the cost to replace them is extremely affordable.


The flexibility of car magnets allows for versatility.  Simply peel the magnet off your car and replace with another magnet in seconds.  You have the flexibility to advertise your business one day, a promotion the next day, and a product the next.  Car magnets are super convenient and easy to switch out.


With a car magnet, you are doing more than just driving around town. When you drive your vehicle, you’re driving an advertisement. This advertising expense can generally be deducted from your taxes, but only if it’s directly related to your business activities. For example, this tax deduction does not include your vehicle expenses, mileage, or maintenance. However, the costs associated with the design, manufacture, and installation of your vehicle graphics, could be considered a tax deduction.  Always check with your tax advisor or CPA.  Take note of this tax deduction and keep your receipts, especially if you have numerous car magnets printed per year.


Car magnets are basically maintenance-free.  They are resistant to the sun’s UV lights and will not fade or lose their adhesiveness.  If they get dirty, simply wash them with detergent, air dry, and reapply.  These magnets will retain their attractiveness for years.

Think of it as mobile marketing on wheels. Make your business more noticeable with a cleverly-designed marketing message, advertisement, or promotion on a car magnet. A crowded parking lot, a busy restaurant, and even a traffic jam where your car magnet is visible will help you gain new customers.  Call Guru Printers today at 213-612-4451 (Downtown) or 213-935-8657 (Arts District) and let us help you get rolling with a dynamic mobile marketing car magnet.