The typical business card size is 2×3.5”, but there are also various other customizable options available to you. Before going to print consider the many sizes and settings in business card printing that can really make your card worthy of leaving an impression.

Standard and Custom Business Card Sizes

Business Card Printing

Standard Sizing

At Guru Printers we offer both standard and custom sized business cards.  Our three most popular standard sizes are:

  1. 2×2”
  2. 2×3”
  3. 2×3.5”

The standard 2×3.5” business card will fit most wallets, business card holders and carrying cases perfectly. For our more discerning customers who want to stick to the conventional standard size but with a unique twist we suggest selecting a vertical design and layout. Choosing a vertical design will allow your card to fit well into standard holders while giving your card a unique flare with it’s vertical design and layout.

Bleed Sizing

Allow for “bleed” if you are opting to extend your design to the edge of the business card just as you would a photograph with no border.  At Guru Printers we ask that you allow for at least a 1/8” bleed in the files you will be uploading.  Allowing for bleed will result in your design template being slightly larger than the size of the actual business card.

We offer templates on our website and there are many free templates available to you online for Photoshop, Illustrator, JPG, Acrobat, Publisher and PostScript software.  Our templates will usually include easy to follow instructions and set bleed sizes.

Business Cards That Get Attention

Custom Sizes

At Guru Printers we also offer custom business card sizes. Generally speaking, we can print nearly any size between 2×2” and 4×4” as well as allowing for 0.25” increment decreases or increases.  If you are looking to print a business card that stands out from all the other standard looks out there, then a custom size business card may be the best fit for you. Just as cost-effective as printing a standard card, the custom size allows you to add a unique flare to your marketing material while staying in budget.