Printing is still very much a part of everyday life despite all the promises that we will have no need for printing as we entered the digital and online world where everything would be virtual and digital, even our abilities to sign and verify documents. The human need to hold something in their hands and look through it, read it and sign it with a real pen is still very much a reality and, given human nature, is going to be a need for a long time to come. And that is the essence as to why you still need to be printing. Even if you had hoped for something different by now, it hasn’t happened, and whether you are primarily print at home, at work or use the services of printing stores, the vast majority of other people and businesses are still printing and so do you. If you are a business printer doing most of your printing in the office, you will have probably very quickly realized that printing is still a necessity. Printing out meeting minutes, board meeting packs and even employee agreements are still printed on paper and circulated for signatures. Photocopiers and desktop printers are thus still commonplace in every office. But it doesn’t just stop at day to day office needs. Advertising material that is circulated amongst customers and potential customers is still preferred to be printed. Customers, like employers and employees, like to page through a pamphlet or brochure. It gives them a better sense of tangibility than a digital brochure or pamphlet. The emergence of digital signage has also been very slow meaning advertising material such as banners, flyers and signage are still printed on paper, canvas or vinyl. Not even business cards have reached the digital age with managers and leaders still wanting the convenience of simply handing over a business card as opposed to sending it via phone or email. Home users have may have moved more quickly into reducing printing, but there are still a number of reasons why we quickly turn to out printers to print out a page or photo or two. Although we tend not to print out photos that often, every now and then we print off a very special photo for display in the living room or in our home offices. Canvas and enlarged photo printing have become favorite home décor trends meaning that even if we aren’t printing, we using the services of printing stores to print special photos. Even our party invitations and holiday cards are preferred in paper or card format requiring a trip to the printing store. It is highly likely that printing is going to be with us for a long, long time and that printers and photocopiers are going to remain fixtures in homes and offices around the world. Fortunately, many individuals and businesses understand the environmental impact of printing and mitigate these negative impacts by planting trees. This means you can carry on printing and given that the rest of the world is still printing, you still need to be printing.