Postcard printing is a very economical way to promote your business and expand your company’s marketing net. When used as part of a direct mailing campaign, postcards encourage and motivate customers to come to your store, make a purchase online or give you a call for more information. Design different postcards for multiple target audiences, including current customers, potential customers and customers you have never interacted with.

How can postcard printing help market your business? Let’s take a look.

  • Referral program: Send out postcards to all of your current customers offering a special reward to sending you referrals to others who they feel would benefit from your products and services.
  • Web traffic: Postcards help spread the word about your website and encourages consumers to learn more about your company via your website. Send special offers to customers and potential customers to encourage them to visit your website and close the sale.
  • Newsletter: Send out monthly postcards containing two to three small pieces of information about your business. Alert customers of upcoming events, specials and new products with the postcard newsletter or newscard.
  • Invitations: Postcard printing can also help spread the word about any upcoming sales and events. Treat your customers and potential customers like VIPs. Send postcard invitations inviting them to special sales and events just for them.
  • Thank-you: Send a postcard to each and every customer who makes a purchase from your company to thank them for their support. Thank-you postcards should also encourage repeat business by showing how much you appreciate your customers and by offering a special discount on their next purchase.

Postcard printing will help expand your marketing net and eventually lead to higher sales and customer traffic to your website and in your place of business. They are an economical way to remind customers you are still in business and encourage them to make a purchase and/or learn more about new products and services.

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